Vacation and health:
Keeping fit… in Jesolo!

Benessere e salute. Tenersi in forma in vacanza al Germania di Jesolo per allungare la vita.

Vacation and health:
Keeping fit… in Jesolo!

The advantages of a vacation at Germania Hotel in Jesolo!

Benessere e salute. Tenersi in forma in vacanza al Germania di Jesolo per allungare la vita.

Serene moments and a bit of happiness...

A life that encompasses sports, entertainment, culture, curiosity, friendship, and lots of smiles can bring many health benefits to elderly individuals.

This has always been observed, of course, but further research has now confirmed all these wonderful benefits, especially during a well-spent vacation. Such experiences not only aid older individuals in aging in excellent health but also in living well: with great serenity and occasional bursts of happiness!

In summary, a vacation that includes physical activity, fun, culture, curiosity, friendship, and lots of smiles can have a positive effect on the health of both body and mind for older individuals. It enhances their quality of life and overall well-being.

Benessere e salute. Tenersi in forma in vacanza al Germania di Jesolo per allungare la vita.

Things that make you feel good on vacation

Two recent studies, in particular, confirm that enjoying satisfying relationships with partners, family, friends, and colleagues, along with regularly engaging in physical exercise, can significantly improve both physical and mental health even in advanced age.

Moreover, those who adopted this lifestyle and these excellent habits earlier in life have shown progress and qualities even superior to the average.

Globally, people are living longer, and every country in the world is experiencing a rise in the percentage of elderly individuals within the population.

The number of people aged 80 years or older is set to triple between 2020 and 2050, reaching 426 million.

The two new research articles published in specialized journals by the British Medical Journal shed new light on which behaviors in midlife can notably help improve our chances of enjoying good health as we progress in our lives.

Benessere e salute. Tenersi in forma in vacanza al Germania di Jesolo per allungare la vita.

Parties and good friendships?
The vacation that does you good!

The first study found that fostering and nurturing satisfying relationships with partners, relatives, friends, and colleagues leads to a lower risk of accumulating multiple health conditions in advanced age.

Conversely, less positive these interpersonal relationships are between the ages of 40 and 50, the greater the risk of contracting various illnesses later in life.

The results highlight “the benefits of initiating or maintaining high-quality and diverse social relationships.”

Benessere e salute. Tenersi in forma in vacanza al Germania di Jesolo per allungare la vita.

Many interests, Discoveries and wonders.

All these benefits are truly numerous and can be summarized as follows:

• Emotional support: Friends can offer emotional support during difficult and stressful times, helping to reduce levels of anxiety and depression.

• Sharing interests and hobbies: Having friends with different interests and hobbies can enrich one’s social life and lead to the discovery of new passions and activities.

• Expanding the network of contacts: Maintaining positive relationships with both new and old friends can help expand one’s network of contacts and potentially create new personal and professional opportunities.

• Broadening perspectives: Friends may have different opinions and viewpoints on life’s issues and matters, aiding in expanding one’s understanding and perspective of the world.

• Reducing the risk of social isolation: Maintaining good relationships with both new and old friends can help prevent social isolation and improve the quality of one’s social life.

Benessere e salute. Tenersi in forma in vacanza al Germania di Jesolo per allungare la vita.

Health, wellness, and plenty of joy!

As seen, positive relationships with both new and old friends can bring many advantages in life, including emotional support, sharing interests and hobbies, expanding the network of contacts, broadening perspectives, and reducing the risk of social isolation.

And this becomes even more meaningful when, alongside friends, there are the delightful grandchildren, the children, albeit noisy, who light up the heart and bring smiles to all the beautiful people.

On vacation, in a truly beautiful vacation at the Germania Hotel, all of this is magnified several times over—an authentic concentrate of well-being and happiness!

Le feste all'Hotel Germania di Jesolo. Il modo migliore per sentirsi felici e giovani per sempre.

Sports, dance, gymnastics.
Elixir of a long life!

The second study found that regular physical activity at any age is linked to better brain function in later years: maintaining an exercise routine throughout adulthood seems to be the best way to preserve mental sharpness and memory and stave off conditions such as dementia.

Cognitive tests have shown that those who were physically active from one to four times a month achieved the best results (ideally, four times a week).

So, what are the benefits of engaging in a lot of physical activity during vacation (and also throughout the rest of the time)?

What advantages and benefits come from maintaining good social relationships with both new and old friends, grandchildren, relatives, and loved ones?

Here is a brief list of the fruits of these virtuous and helpful behaviors.

Viaggiare, vacanze,ballare,mille scoperte per l'anima durante una vacanza al Germania Hotel di Jesolo Venezia.

Vacation and fun?
Zero stress and negative thoughts!

A well-organized vacation, with sports, good food, lots of laughter and entertainment, discoveries, and good friends…

• Enhances physical health: Engaging in sports activities such as walking, swimming, playing bowls, yoga, tai chi, beach gymnastics, and other physical activities can improve cardiovascular health, help control blood pressure, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases.

Viaggiare, vacanze,ballare,mille scoperte per l'anima durante una vacanza al Germania Hotel di Jesolo Venezia.

On vacation at Germania in Jesolo?
A burst of energy!

Enhances mental health: A fun-filled and active vacation can reduce stress, improve the mood, and mental health of elderly individuals. This can help prevent depression and anxiety.

• Fosters socialization: A vacation with friends and family can promote social interaction, combat isolation, and reduce the risk of dementia and other cognitive illnesses.

• Promotes curiosity: A cultural vacation can stimulate curiosity and creativity in older individuals, fostering a greater interest in learning new things.

• Fosters happiness: A vacation full of smiles and moments of joy can increase the level of happiness and emotional well-being of elderly individuals, contributing to an overall improvement in their quality of life.

But it doesn't end here...

We always see it during vacations: having the opportunity to discover new places and things, immersing ourselves in beauty, colors, art, history, architecture, and the many offerings of our territory in Jesolo and Venice, undeniably affects our mood, sociability, and the way we interact with others.

It’s a highly useful and beautiful thing.

Curiosity and the freshness of spirit can indeed have multiple benefits on health and quality of life.

Here are some of them:

• Improved mental health: Curiosity can stimulate the mind and help maintain mental health, reducing the risk of depression and anxiety.

• Increased creativity: Being curious can stimulate creativity and lead to new ideas and creative solutions.

• Expansion of knowledge: Curiosity drives the search for new knowledge, helping to broaden one’s cultural horizon.

• Boost in self-esteem: Trying new things can boost self-esteem and self-confidence.

• Stress reduction: Curiosity and a fresh spirit can help reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

• Enhancement of social relationships: Being curious can help maintain social relationships, aiding in establishing new connections and strengthening existing ones.

Nonni, nipoti, bimbi, tera età: cose che rendono la vacanza al Germania Hotel di jesolo qualcosa di meraviglioso

Young inside,
Young forever!

In general, curiosity and youthful spirit—especially when you’re on vacation here, where everything amplifies, gets colored, and adds to the experience—can bring multiple health benefits and enhance the quality of life. These benefits include improved mental health, increased creativity, expanded knowledge, boosted self-esteem, stress reduction, and the enhancement of all our social relationships.

In essence, if there was ever a need for it, the study once again demonstrated that “it’s never too late to start becoming young.” Adding color to our lives with interests, good relationships, friends, learning, discoveries, and curiosity—all these things evoke a great deal of serenity in us, especially when we’re on vacation.

At the Hotel Germania in Jesolo, of course, do I need to mention it?

Oh, wondering how long these incredibly positive effects last? For a lifetime!

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.