What truly matters in a wonderful vacation.

La vacanza al Germania di Jesolo: un valore aggiunto per famiglia, bambini e amici.

What truly matters in a wonderful vacation.

What matters in a
successful vacation?

A vacation represents an extremely precious moment in the life of nearly every individual.

It is not, as one might think, because of its cost in money. Instead, it is because it’s one of the few genuine opportunities we have to fill our bodies and minds with health, clarity, determination, courage, clear ideas, resolution, and creative imagination.

You might say, “Well, how is it possible that a couple of weeks at the seaside can give me all of that?”

Well, the question is entirely legitimate.

Those “things,” after all, aren’t something you go to the supermarket for, buy, and magically add to your thoughts…

In reality, they are all, every single one of them, already inside of us!

It’s just that they are concealed, hidden, covered by fatigue, everyday problems, confusion. By what now seems like a thousand hands tugging at our sleeves every day.

Well, this is where our involvement as the “hosts” of the vacation comes into play.

You see, it’s extremely important, I would say fundamental, that those practicing our profession are not only skilled but have a very strong empathy, a sincere and intense interest in other people, in their state of mind, their expectations, and desires.

Understanding people, getting to know your beloved Guests, is the first and indispensable step to doing this job well.

It’s from this decisive principle that our very personal idea of “hospitality” is born.

This term often seems like a large container that – depending on who’s talking about it – contains truly diverse elements, even in contrast with each other.

Some consider it only in terms of a clean bed, good breakfasts, and kindness in handing you the room key…

And then, there are those who envelop their Guests with a thousand activities, entertainments, opportunities for surprises and amazement, but when you look closely, you discover that here, too, a very important ingredient is missing: the soul.

Yes, the soul, precisely that.

Because it is this that is immediately perceived by those who choose you.

This warmth, this life-filled commitment that you pour into what you do, envelops, unites, manages to bring together different people who, almost always, were even experiencing moments of their lives that were completely different.

And yet, once they are here, at Germania, you see them enjoying sharing stories, smiling, genuinely desiring to get to know others.

They set aside their worries and open up, ready to imbibe themselves with positivity and resolution.

La vacanza al Germania di Jesolo: un valore aggiunto per famiglia, bambini e amici.

With children, for instance, fun and games also bring increasing doses of confidence and self-esteem: here they learn to understand their limits and challenge them, to go beyond, to grasp that what you cannot do today, with commitment, will be yours tomorrow.

Children live in an atmosphere of great respect among themselves: no bullying, no malice, or cruel jokes here.

The times we live in, the tremendously important historical phase we are going through, teach us that the world is changing and that it depends on us to preserve it, to make it more beautiful, to manage to leave it intact for those who will follow us.

This is a strong lesson.

One that also has an extraordinary effect on all of us: because it finally manages to let us rediscover that clarity, those universal values, that determination that had become clouded during the hectic daily life of our times.

Here’s the importance of festivities, always different and full of surprises: a moment of incredible amazement, joy, and social interaction.

Or rediscovering, without any warning, famous personalities from the entertainment industry in our delightful and tiny Time Theater.

This is what becomes appreciated by everyone: being able to ride on a shimmering electric bike to the farms, where you see and touch firsthand the authenticity and love with which the delicious food that will be on your table a few hours later is grown and cultivated…

Where even the usual final presentation of each team member becomes the culmination of the just-lived experience for everyone.

Because all the effort, that love, that tireless dedication, which we all call ‘putting our soul into it,’ have found their space in the thoughts of the Guests: they reflect brightly in their grateful eyes, in their hearts.

This is our idea of Hospitality.

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.