What will you find in the Easter egg of Hotel Germania?

auguri pasqua 2021

What will you find in the Easter egg of Hotel Germania?

The happy island of your vacation is always ready for you!

Dear friends,

here we are once again, reunited to wish you a Happy Easter.

The difficult years we have all gone through have not been in vain.

They have taught us to be resilient, because ultimately life is stronger than anything else. They have compelled us to be patient, to become perfect gardeners.

Yes, we have learned to nurture our dreams, to let them live forever.

Hosting you is our job, indeed… but this is also our home, and we want it to be protected, safe, and healthy. We want it to be the place worth returning to, because we always return to where we were happy.

It hasn’t been easy, you know, balancing the highest safety standards with smiles, warmth, and relaxation.

We didn’t give up, never… we always looked at the part of the glass that faces the rainbow: the full part, to put it clearly.

Hemingway wrote that ‘no man is an island,’ none of us can live alone. We aspire to become your little island, your favorite refuge.

A window open to the sea, where the stars shine in the evening, and each of them is a dream.

A simple dream, a bike ride, four laughs, a slice of cream cake. A glass of wine at sunset.

Simple, yes, these little dreams. But true and beautiful. Maybe we had forgotten them, but now they will shine even brighter.

This is our sincere wish for you and your families in this holy Easter celebration.

We await you!

Tania and the entire family of Germania.

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.