Learn while having fun
on holiday in Jesolo.

Learn while having fun
on holiday in Jesolo.

Curiosity and attention light up the future!

Bambini felici, giocando con nuovi amici in vacanza, assorbono stimoli preziosi per un cervello curioso e un futuro radioso, sereno e consapevole.

When children are on vacation and see the world for the first times, with eyes still full of wonder.

It’s no coincidence that the brightest individuals in every field as children usually had the opportunity, even the luck, to be surrounded by a myriad of stimuli: musicians, artists, even mathematicians, astronomers, or economists.

Where their attention was constantly provoked to learn, to understand, to discover new things.

A serene and creative atmosphere,
on vacation... in Jesolo!

Even then, some things were always present: joy, play, fun: a serene, creative atmosphere.

Because, by now abundantly proven, for learning, the brain needs to be attentive, focused, and curious.

And the best way for this to happen is to find passion and enjoyment in what one learns.

Even in the world of mammals, it’s a constant pursuit, playing, teasing, struggling. Under the constant watchful eye of the mother.

Because in reality, even while playing and unaware, those young ones are learning the rules of the biggest and most complicated game there is: life.

Giocare durante le vacanze con amici nuovi: una ricetta per un cervello curioso, un futuro luminoso e una serenità sociale ed equilibrata

Many friends, a thousand games
and a thousand experiences!

I piccoli, divertendosi con nuovi amici in vacanza, coltivano una mente curiosa e pronta, aprendo le porte a un futuro brillante e socialmente armonioso.

Perhaps a vacation here is the ideal, almost perfect situation!

Here, children not only find a thousand games, experiences, challenges, and joy. But they also find other children, just like them.

This teaches them to socialize, to respect others, to get to know themselves, and the taste for constant improvement. They discover their limits, but also strive to overcome them, to go further, just like any athlete does.

They also learn respect: things like bullying truly do not exist here. And they also learn a lot about the beauty of nature, sports, the wonders of the area, history, the great figures of the past.

Yet, not once do you see them impatient or bored, as we are accustomed to when it comes to going to school or doing homework.

And then, can you imagine the joy of being finally close to their parents?

Because, let’s face it, in everyday life, among the thousand commitments and quite a bit of tiredness, it’s not exactly the same, every mom and dad know this well.

So often it’s the parents who joyfully show them the beauties of this planet. Teaching them to respect and protect them.

And they do it in the best way, the most effective one that exists: through play and fun.

Maybe because they enjoy it just as much?

This too is a vacation at your Germania in Jesolo. ✨😊

I bambini, giocando e socializzando in vacanza, arricchiscono la loro mente con stimoli, preparandosi così a un futuro radioso, equilibrato e pieno di consapevolezza sociale.

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.