The Team of Hotel Germania: this is a holiday!

Il Team dell'Hotel Germania di Jesolo (Venezia)

The Team of Hotel Germania: this is a holiday!

The excellent Team
of Germania

You know, one of the elements of Germania’s success has always been its great team, the Team that characterizes it, enlivens it, and adds color to it.

At times, some of its members embark on journeys seeking new experiences, eager to explore other countries around the world.

Others join: often they are individuals of different ages, genders, and cultures.

Yet, the cohesion, the spirit, the enthusiasm, their availability always remain there, unchanged, at the service of every Guest.

This has often made me reflect. How is it possible that on one hand, we read about so many discouraged young people who even stop fighting, studying, or looking for work, and on the other hand, we find people so full of optimism, competence, exuberance, warmth, and empathy?

You wonder why, looking around, you hear about closed personalities, hostile to change and taking risks, sometimes convinced that everything is owed and nothing is deserved, achieved, or sought after?

Well, I am deeply convinced that inside every person, truly everyone without exception, there exists a spark, a light ready to emerge, illuminate, and warm their own existence and that of those around them.

It’s just a matter of identifying it: it’s always hidden, and even when you see it, often its very host is afraid to believe in it: hesitating to let it shine and grow powerful, so full of the future.

So where is the difference?

What prevents so many people from expressing their best selves, believing in themselves, and wanting to strive for a different, special life? One filled with satisfaction?

It’s easy to think of laziness: after all, putting effort in is tiring, and no small amount, one might say… Or attributing it to being spoiled, someone else did everything for you: that wouldn’t be surprising, right?

Or, who knows, perhaps they grew up in an environment that, instead of encouraging, nurturing, and training not only in competence but also in self-confidence, penalized every attempt, every enthusiasm, every curiosity (and that is truly very sad).

Il Team dell'Hotel Germania di Jesolo (Venezia)

Well, I believe that the task of every company, every school, every family, and even every community, whether it’s their local municipality or the entire state, must address this crucial issue for the lives of each of these individuals, their families, the workplaces they will enter, and ultimately, for the entire country.

It is essential to teach, from a very young age, things like mutual respect, a repulsion for all forms of bullying, and a great and courageous self-confidence.

It is fundamental to instill confidence in young people, the awareness that even if the road ahead may be long and filled with obstacles, the things you learn, the person you will become, are worth a hundred times more than the sweat and fears of not making it, of not being good enough.

And it is necessary to provide real skills and education: not only do these help in integrating into any work environment more easily, but they also provide a lot of self-esteem, tranquility, even the inexhaustible, excited desire to constantly improve oneself.

Among my group, in my team, there are individuals who perhaps received these teachings in schools or within their families.

Others had to learn all these values by themselves, with sacrifice, numerous setbacks, and just as many comebacks: always with determination and an infinite desire to succeed.

You notice all of this in their serenity, in their courteous calmness, in their constant willingness to help others: long before anyone even asks.

You see their attentive gaze, observing every guest, every child: ready to step in as soon as they sense that someone needs them, whether for a hand, advice, or a simple smile.

Ultimately, this is the true strength of our tiny Hotel Germania.

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.