Thousand activities, a gentle wellness during your vacation at Hotel Germania in Jesolo.

In canoa, kayak, o puddle surf in vacanza a Jesolo

Thousand activities, a gentle wellness during your vacation at Hotel Germania in Jesolo.

The important thing is that you desire to feel well!

In the 1960s, in a study conducted in Great Britain among thousands of people working on the iconic double-decker buses, it was found that conductors, who walked along the aisles and frequently climbed stairs, had a risk of heart attacks that was lower by 50% compared to the drivers, who were required to sit for long hours at the wheel.

One thing is certain: among the causes of physical decline, disorders, and illnesses, inactivity ranks high—remaining sedentary for long hours every day.

Besides the aesthetic benefits, physical exercise can improve your mental well-being, help you sleep, and make working from home more efficient.

Not only that: sports and movement make you happier, more optimistic, positive, and efficient.

And what about the pleasure of feeling good about yourself when you’re in shape?

In canoa, kayak, o puddle surf in vacanza a Jesolo

Germania isn’t a tourist village. Here, no one pressures you to jump, dance, laugh, or exercise on command.

Instead, for us, a vacation means having a hundred initiatives and possibilities at your disposal.

It’s you, whenever and however you want, who takes advantage of them, immersing yourself and engaging your senses in each of them, enriching your thoughts, improving your mood, and physical well-being.

For instance, you can learn to sail or kayak.

Ragazza che fa ginnastica in spiaggia a Jesolo.

You can go on bike excursions along the fabulous equipped paths throughout the territory of Jesolo and the Venice Lagoon.

You can even explore places where the food you’ll find on your table, in tasty delicacies, is grown with love and entirely organic care, without any synthetic products.

You can take part in parties, dance on the sand, be amazed by the many surprise-filled entertainments.

You can also opt for an evening of theater, with numerous TV stars frequently performing for you in our delightful Theater of Time.

But you can also choose to be alone, read a beautiful book, or seek new friendships with interesting people who are always open, without the screens and suspicions of everyday life.

That’s why a vacation here is so special—so many people feel the need to completely share what they’ve experienced when they’re about to write the numerous reviews you find on Trip Advisor.

Here, they manage to express the happiness they already have within, removing the shadows that weighed them down.

The important thing is that you have the desire to feel well, to sense your body responding, full of health.

And that it fills you with optimism, clarity: the determination you’ll use to continually build your future when you return home with a bright and serene heart.

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.