Sustainable with fun on vacation in Jesolo!

Bimbo che dorme sulla spiaggia

Sustainable with fun on vacation in Jesolo!

Fun and

We often believe that individually we can’t do much for the planet that hosts us: we are too small and alone.

However, just as a beach is made up of billions of grains of sand, the sky of countless stars, and even a celebration is composed of many people sharing joy, so the commitment of each of us – combined with that of others – creates a powerful energy, benefiting what surrounds us and, of course, ourselves!

That’s why at Germania, we wholeheartedly believe that the most beautiful and effective things often arise from proximity, involvement, and positive unity of people with luminous hearts.

It applies to joy, the construction of a great work, happiness, and also… the environment.

With this awareness, we have continued our journey towards true sustainability, reducing polluting waste, using extremely clean and healthy water, sourcing food ingredients from completely organic crops, free from any harmful chemical components.

Not to mention the events of these two years: what used to be just diligent hygiene and cleanliness, now also involves constant use of ozone generators, UV-C lamps, and everything necessary for sanitizing both common areas, individual rooms, and all the linen.

All this isn’t a burden, doesn’t evoke a sense of fatigue, or sacrifice.

On the contrary, there’s a subtle sense of satisfaction, a profound pleasure, even a not insignificant pride in knowing that our Earth, this fabulous home that welcomes us all, is benefited, even just a little, by our commitment, our constant attention.

Bimbo che dorme sulla spiaggia

Thus it’s not true that our effort is in vain when we are alone.

By keeping these values alive and sharing them, we can be sure that we will live again in a flourishing world, full of colors and life.

Knowing that, above all, we will leave it this way for our children, for all the young ones.

We are not alone: in the universe, there are billions of distant, solitary stars, yet with our imagination, we can build beautiful constellations in our thoughts.

If we want, together we can do anything beautiful and good.

Always together: this is our strength at Hotel Germania.

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.