The Murano Glass: a trip from Jesolo!

Murano una gita nella laguna di Venezia dal tuo Hotel Germania di Jesolo durante la vacanza

The Murano Glass: a trip from Jesolo!

Discovering ...Murano!

The beautiful Murano: seven islands divided by canals and streams, interconnected by bridges.

However, in the collective imagination, Murano signifies only one thing: glass, extremely precious and beautiful glass!

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A fascinating past

In its history, so similar to that of Venice itself and the other lagoon islands, Murano even had a certain autonomy, as often happened in the territories belonging to the Most Serene Republic.

Murano had its own magistrate who presided over the Major Council, and even minted its own currency!

However, Murano soon became highly significant for the artistic glassmaking industry, thanks to a decree from the Most Serene Republic of Venice in 1295, which mandated the relocation of the glass furnaces from Venice to this island: more than once, in fact, they had caused serious fires, exacerbated by the fact that at that time, constructions in Venice were mainly made of wood.

Murano una gita nella laguna di Venezia dal tuo Hotel Germania di Jesolo durante la vacanza

An art to be kept secret...

So, the global fame that Murano enjoys today was actually born out of a necessary relocation.

If there had to be a fire, it was better that it burned buildings of lesser value.

However, it must be said that ancient documents and artifacts testify that the glass industry had already been established on the island for some time.

But Venice was not unprepared. It knew very well the value of an art, a technology, a mastery unique to itself.

Concentrating the glassmaking furnaces in Murano served the Most Serene Republic. Jealous of an art that had made it famous worldwide since its origins, it enabled better control of the activity, not just to reduce fires.

The master glassmakers were, in fact, obliged to live on the island of Murano and could not leave Venice without first obtaining a special permit.

Successes and betrayals

Despite this security, all these precautions, however, some master glassmakers managed to escape, exporting their famous techniques abroad.

The most severe crisis that struck the glass industry of Murano and Venice was in the 15th century when the production of crystal began in Bohemia, probably inspired by Murano glass itself.

Despite this, the success of Venetian glass continued to grow, especially when glass started being used to create chandeliers, which are still among the most famous and popular artifacts from Murano today.

The master glassmakers of Murano enjoyed such prestige and well-deserved fame that only they, among the non-noble classes, were allowed to marry daughters of patricians.

Jewels for you!

An excursion to the island of Murano cannot therefore exclude a visit to one or more glass factories.

There are very famous ones: prices are always high, but by rummaging among the myriad of displayed items, you can certainly take home something precious and original without emptying your bank account.

Naturally, Murano offers more than just magnificent glass to see.

Apart from the aforementioned interesting glass factories, there are the churches, undoubtedly.

At least those that survived the Napoleonic destruction, which razed dozens of monasteries and places of worship across northern Italy.

Firstly, the Cathedral of Saints Mary and Donato.

The Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

The Church of San Pietro Martire.

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Among the ‘civil’ architectures, you can discover the famous Murano Lighthouse, the Palazzo da Mula, and not to miss, the Glass Museum.

See? A trip to Murano will fill your eyes with beauty, history, and amazement at such skill and elegance.

So, when you’re on vacation, or even for work, why not, at your Hotel Germania in Jesolo, don’t miss out on this beautiful experience.

Go and discover Murano.

The same route to reach it is delightful, through sand, water, the splendid nature of the Venice Lagoon! 😊✨

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