Joy and Sustainability at
Hotel Germania in Jesolo

Ecologia e ambiente sostenibile all'Hotel Germania di Jesolo

Joy and Sustainability at
Hotel Germania in Jesolo

Healthy Environment and Beautiful Vacations?
Your Hotel Germania in Jesolo!

After all, the very first place that provides us hospitality and welcome is our Planet.

It’s the designated space par excellence to embrace and provide a safe home for all of humanity.

Responsible Hospitality at Hotel Germania

From this viewpoint, we believe that the perspective of our work should change, aiming to increasingly become an example of ‘responsible’ hospitality every day, an educational place for those who meet us, whether they are our excellent collaborators or our beloved guests.

The most powerful and effective way we have to ‘infect’ everyone in this sense is precisely through the testimony of our actions, through our example.

Ecologia e ambiente sostenibile all'Hotel Germania di Jesolo

At Hotel Germania in Jesolo, you'll already find...

To stay in Jesolo (Venice) during your holidays or for your work, book a room or an apartment at Hotel Suite Germania!
Phone: +39 0421 381223

Fun, a thousand surprises, and a lot of ...wellness!

Here at our Hotel Germania, together with all of you, friends, we nurture, color (and have a lot of fun!!) our own lives!

Rethinking the future of good and genuine food, from the field to your table.

Preserving everything: from clean water to plants that cleanse the air and uplift the spirits.

Here, at Hotel Germania, we prioritize only the things that truly matter, and nature, the environment, are among these.

Each of us plays a crucial role in building fairer, healthier, and more respectful food and ecological systems for our precious and fragile planet.

In short, the future of ours and our children’s lies in our …hands!

Contact us!

Whether for information, business inquiries, or booking your vacation, feel free to contact us by writing to us or calling at +39 0421 381223.

The most beautiful future begins with your vacation!

In short, the future of ours and that of our children is in our hands.

Sustainability, social impact, environmental protection. A true ethical call for each of us.

It’s not a trend (and it would be extremely serious if it were).

It’s not just a mere alignment with laws and regulations on environmental protection.

It’s much more: it’s something wholesome and beautiful that we at Hotel Germania have always strongly felt.

Greater awareness to safeguard our wonderfully fabulous Planet, to make it the best it can be, while waiting for the completion of the transformation that is leading us to abandon fossil fuels in favor of renewable ones, even advancing – in a not too distant future – toward nuclear fusion: that Holy Grail that will make even the driest deserts green, inviting, and habitable.

Bambini e famiglie felici in vacanza al Hotel Residence Germania di Jesolo Venezia

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.