In vacation or to live there.
Because we really like Jesolo!

A Jesolo per vacanza divertimento lavoro sport o smartworking - Prenota un appartamento del Hotel Germania

In vacation or to live there.
Because we really like Jesolo!

So many advantages and convenience in choosing Jesolo as the base for your stay.

Here, as you’ve seen, if you intend to explore and deepen your knowledge of Venice and this spectacular area, Jesolo is the ideal starting point.

In a short time, often much less than two hours, you can truly reach every place worth discovering and visiting: from Udine to Treviso, from Padua to the Prosecco hills, or Bassano del Grappa and Asolo…

Then return to your little house, to your personal apartment here, at the Hotel Germania in Jesolo.

On vacation or for
Jesolo is the place for you!

Let’s talk about those seeking a place to stay because they need to, let’s say, write a book, finalize a thesis, or simply work for their company remotely.

Whether it’s a newspaper, a university, a scientific laboratory, or any service-related activity, what is needed is a fast and reliable internet access to our now indispensable web.

Here, not only do you have it 24 hours a day, but you are also in a warm, bright, and central apartment.

Where you can relax, watch TV, work and focus, meet friends, or colleagues, as well as find your absolute relaxation, essential for working well and recharging your energy to the fullest.

Do you love working out
in the open air?
Jesolo beach awaits you!

If you’re a sports enthusiast, someone who loves staying fit consistently, here’s an additional advantage, a real strength of Jesolo: not just gyms or sports fields.

But also the famous, extensive beach, where training happens in the clean and iodine-rich sea air: running, jogging, Tai-Chi, or aerobics are easy and very convenient here.

And you can comfortably come with your canine friend if you’re fortunate enough to have one: Jesolo is perfect for taking long walks with them!

Do you want to stay in Jesolo in the most comfortable and convenient way? Book an apartment or a room at Hotel Germania: here, the guest is always at the center of every attention and smile!
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Jesolo is a true oasis
for cyclists and birdwatchers!

Do you love cycling?

Well, you’re in the paradise of bike and e-Bike excursions along numerous equipped routes (ask us, we’ll provide you with maps and the best suggestions!).

And even if you love sports like SUP, rowing, canoeing, and kayaking, it’s not just the sea; there are also the many waterways of the Sile, the Piave, the lagoon… perfect environments for training, surrounded by lush nature, with flamingos, herons, swans, ducks, and much more keeping you company.

Yes, but how to get
from Jesolo to Venice?

You might ask: ‘…yes, but Venice? …how do I get there?’

Well, this is just one of the many delightful surprises that await you!

From Punta Sabbioni, in an evocative stretch of coastline you reach through canals and a thousand natural scenarios, frequent ferries, known as ‘vaporetti’, depart.

The journey, or rather the navigation, through the calm waters of the Venice Lagoon, passes through many beautiful islands, amid countless reflections of the sky on the water.

It’s not a commuter transfer; instead, it’s a source of delightful sensations, perfect for sensitive souls and without the usual urban rush and pollution we’re accustomed to.

And upon arrival, Venice embraces you with all its splendor!

No expensive parking and suffocating crowds: just the timeless wonder of this priceless gem!

Are there events, concerts,
and shows in Jesolo?

Of course, one might wonder if all of this, as well-organized, enjoyable, and perfectly suited to one’s needs, might be a bit… dull outside of the summer?

The answer? No, it isn’t.

Jesolo increasingly becomes the center of theater premieres, concerts, and shows by top artists.

Evets and concerts that consistently gather a huge audience success!

In short, you’ve understood by now: Jesolo and our Hotel Germania are the ideal place to not wait for the peak season to fill you with beauty, life, and excitement.

Painting these long months that separate you from the next summer with beautiful colors!

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