A holiday in Jesolo, amidst nature, fun, beauty, and Venice!

A Jesolo per vacanza divertimento lavoro sport o smartworking - Prenota un appartamento del Hotel Germania

A holiday in Jesolo, amidst nature, fun, beauty, and Venice!

In Jesolo: convenience
and many advantages for
your happy stay.

Surely, summer is the prime season in Jesolo.

The sea, the endless beach, the nightlife, the myriad of venues, entertainment, amusement parks, bars and pubs, elegant restaurants, discos, and actual rave parties on the shore.

One might think, mistakenly, that in other seasons Jesolo dims, falls asleep, or rests.

Or that it uses these months to rejuvenate itself, to prepare new attractions, shows, or appealing features for summer tourists.

A thousand reasons to choose
Jesolo for your vacation!

In reality, Jesolo offers a thousand reasons to be chosen as a place to stay even during the long months of autumn, winter, and spring.

And it caters to often different categories of people.

Even the recent, tragic pandemic has added further reasons to come and spend your vacation, your stay in Jesolo.

Lockdowns, the inability to go to work as usual, have made the future way of working – smart working – current and important!

So why choose to come and stay in Jesolo, spend your time, whether it’s for work, vacation and relaxation, or studying right here in Jesolo?

Do you want to stay in Jesolo in the most comfortable and convenient way? Choose and book Hotel Germania: here, pets and their owners are most welcome!

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Book an entire apartment
just for you!

Well, there are several practical and convincing reasons to decide to spend a significant part of one’s life in Jesolo.

For instance, during all non-summer months, when it might be too hot for visiting monuments and cities, the traffic to the beautiful Venice keeps increasing.

But staying and residing in Venice is expensive and impractical, especially for those who are not accustomed to getting around in a nautical way!

Renting an apartment for short stays is prohibitively expensive and not particularly functional.

In Jesolo, however, thanks to the low season, you can find apartments, like ours at Hotel Germania, which are particularly convenient, spacious, practical, heated, and equipped with 24-hour TV and fiber internet.

How to eat
extremely well
in Jesolo?

The same goes for food: unfortunately, even eating in the picturesque and beautiful ‘bàcari’ in Venice comes with a disproportionately high cost, often inadequate compared to what you eat.

There’s a reason for it: the rents that the proprietors pay to the Venetian owners are truly exorbitant.

This makes it challenging for them to offer meals at reasonable prices.

In Jesolo, however, there is a wide variety: you can eat extremely well at a very low cost, just as you can find highly exclusive restaurants where not only is the food admirably presented, but the establishments themselves offer environments of great elegance and sophistication.

And let’s not forget the numerous pizzerias, restaurants, snacks, and trendy bars that Jesolo has to offer.

...and for grocery shopping,
in Jesolo?

Due to the convenience and practicality for those renting an apartment, several supermarkets offer everything you would typically find in your normal residence.

There are plenty of options available: from discount stores with very low prices to large mega stores with a plethora of high-quality products, not limited to just groceries.

In short, every comfort, convenience, and functionality to ensure the well-being and tranquility of your stay in Jesolo.

The myriad benefits
of basing yourself in Jesolo
for your vacation.

As you might have already guessed, Jesolo is not in competition with Venice.

On the contrary, Jesolo’s unique characteristics complement everything that Venice lacks, or is too expensive, or impractical.

In fact, if Jesolo’s advantage over Venice has been mainly in terms of cost and practicality, broadening the perspective across the entire territory, one realizes that Jesolo is positioned almost at the center – a sort of center of gravity of the entire vast area extending from Padua, to Treviso, to Venice with its magnificent lagoon islands of Burano, Torcello, Murano… continuing towards the Prosecco hills, Asolo, Bassano del Grappa, up to the sumptuous Dolomites and the delightful cities of nearby Friuli.

In short, a vacation, a stay even for your smart working, full of opportunities, discoveries, convenience, and beautiful things.

This is why Jesolo is a winning destination, not just in summer.

But it doesn’t end here: there are still many more advantages, beautiful things, and conveniences in your Jesolo.

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