To grow, learn, and love. Together.

natale vacanze Jesolo gioia e allegria per famiglie e bambini.

To grow, learn, and love. Together.

Christmas, and then the new year: to be reborn together, stronger and serene.

A Christmas we will remember, and we will do so with joy, I assure you, because it has become a sort of symbol: the symbol of rebirth.

We know it has been a strange year, one that challenged us, but ultimately showed us that, in the end, by giving our all together, we can prevail.

Because, together, as you know, we always win, one way or another.

And this year, which often threw obstacles in our path, scared us, ultimately made us a bit stronger.

New hopes, beautiful new dreams. ...Together!

So here we are, another Christmas, the celebration par excellence, another new year, another story beginning, another LIFE moving forward: new challenges, new hopes, new dreams.

All within our grasp, all there, waiting to be fulfilled.

And magically, like a window onto the blue of the sea and sky, those difficulties, those obstacles have transformed, opening other pathways.

They were like the sun that makes the flowers bloom. And indeed, they truly opened those flowers, you know.

They were the push to do more, those obstacles, to improve and better ourselves, to think of a new world, cleaner: a world made with heart, with our loves, our affections, our work.

A new dress,
More beautiful and elegant,
...For you!

With immense joy, great enthusiasm, and a strong desire to face life with optimism, with a positive spirit, we are doing our part, trying to contribute to change, rebirth, and continuous growth, together with all of you.

Preparing ourselves for the great joy of seeing you again.

And we started with the dress: a beautiful, elegant outfit filled with lights.

Something beautiful to wear to welcome you, shinier and more serene than ever!

The ‘outfit’ will be new and surprising, but the heart is ours, the one we always put into everything, which you know well.

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I lavori dell'Hotel Germania di Jesolo proseguono. Saranno vacanze ancora più speciali.

Our thousand

Well, for this Christmas, for the coming year, I don’t want to wish you extraordinary things, magnificent success, or money…

Instead, my biggest wish that I send to you is to be reborn: stronger, truer, more tenacious.

More connected to what truly matters: because, in the end, it’s all that remains and counts.

Without surrendering to difficulties: each one must be challenged, face to face, because the climb is always just around the corner, but only if we want it to be.

This year, I want to wish you the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities.

To grow, learn, and love better than you ever thought possible.

Mille regali e sorprese per le tue vacanze a Jesolo

Learning to fly.
...Alongside those we love!

New hopes,
beautiful new dreams,
...together with all of you!

natale vacanze Jesolo gioia e allegria per famiglie e bambini

All the smiles, all the joys we will experience ...together!

Our life is here, in our hands and in our hearts.

Let’s seize it, let’s love it, there’s only one.

Let’s not give up, let’s fight.

In the end, we always win something, if nothing else but the infinity of our horizons.

A special Christmas, a bright year: I wish you that, a year to learn to dance in the rain.

One where challenges and obstacles are nothing but doors to open onto a new world, full of difficulties to overcome, yes, but also full of dreams, full of life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you, my Friends!

Tania Menazza

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