The sumptuous, magnificent Basilica of San Marco in Venice.

Dall'Hotel Germania di Jesolo alla Basilica di San Marco a Venezia.

The sumptuous, magnificent Basilica of San Marco in Venice.

From Jesolo to Venice:
towards paradise!

Jesolo is a holiday paradise, as we know.

And Hotel Germania is an integral part of it: a hub of joy, celebrations, sports, sustainability, and good food, beloved by adults and children alike.

But Jesolo is also part of Venice: only a stretch of the beautiful Lagoon separates it from the fabulous wonders of the Serenissima.

So today I take you to discover the heart, the core, the symbol of Venice: the fabulous Basilica of San Marco!

The wonderful
Basilica of San Marco,
in Venice!

Here are some numbers:

• 8,000 square meters of gold mosaics; • Between five and six million visitors each year; • 828 – the year when the remains of Saint Mark daringly returned to Venice.

The Basilica of San Marco replaced a former and ancient chapel dedicated to Saint Theodore, the patron saint of Venice before Saint Mark.

Initially, a wooden church was erected, destroyed in 967 during a popular revolt against Doge Pietro Candiano IV.

The current church was consecrated in the year 1094.

Its construction follows the architectural structure of the splendid Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, but with one significant difference: the Basilica of San Marco, indeed, boasts five domes!

All the beauty of the
Mediterranean, inside
Venice cathedral!

Venice had a strong relationship with Constantinople for centuries, with the Greek and Byzantine world of the Mediterranean. This significantly influenced the composition of the facade of the Basilica of San Marco because capitals, marbles, and jewels were brought from the East.

The Basilica of San Marco is a quadrilateral of about 60 meters per side.

The transept is slightly shorter than the central nave.

The Greek Cross with four more or less equal arms is clearly visible, dividing the interior spaces into 3 naves. Above the central nave rise the 5 domes, supported by 4 pillars.

The side aisles have barrel vaults.

The atrium is located at the church entrance and has 4 smaller domes.

It was built in the 12th century to allow people to enter the Basilica through the five large arches on the outside.

4 doors facilitate entry into the beautiful church.

Alla scoperta della Basilica di San Marco a Venezia

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The splendor in front
of your eyes!

Here we are, ready to take a closer look at our fantastic Basilica of San Marco.

You will discover a thousand details full of history, legends, centuries of conquests, faiths, pilgrimages, and accomplishments to fill the narrative and description of this fabulous Cathedral…

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