Discover the splendor of the Basilica of San Marco, in Venice.

La Basilica di San Marco a Venezia. Una spettacolare gita dall'Hotel Germania di Jesolo.

Discover the splendor of the Basilica of San Marco, in Venice.

From Hotel Germania in Jesolo to the Cathedral of Venice!"

As it happens in the most beautiful churches on the planet, inside the Basilica of San Marco, visitors are left amazed and stunned by the grandeur, majesty, shapes, and artistic magnificence that unfold before them.

Ascending, the first breathtaking masterpiece unfolds: more than 8,000 square meters of golden mosaics that cover the ceiling of the Cathedral of Venice.

Basilica di San Marco. Una visia a Venezia dall'Hotel Germania di Jesolo.

The Madonna Nicopeia

In the transept, to the left, one can admire a 9th-century icon: the famous Madonna Nicopeia.

In a distant past, it was adorned with rubies and diamonds, all of which were gradually taken away over the centuries.

It is greatly cherished by the Venetians, who turn to the Virgin Mary during moments of distress.

Pause for a minute to contemplate the beauty of this painting, which has survived centuries of wars, epidemics, and dynasties and now exceeds 1,000 years old!

A medieval masterpiece renowned worldwide.

The floor of the Basilica of San Marco

Although one’s gaze may be drawn to the magnificent ceiling mosaics, I recommend directing attention to the floor: it is composed of extraordinary marble mosaics, crafted in the 12th century, featuring geometries, shapes, animals, and numerous decorative symbols of exceptional quality.

Alla scoperta della Basilica di San Marco a Venezia

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Basilica di San Marco. Una visia a Venezia dall'Hotel Germania di Jesolo.

The main altar and the Pala d'Oro

The main altar is the location where the remains of Saint Mark are kept.

Behind it lies the Pala d’Oro: an invaluable treasure crafted by artisans and jewelers for over 300 years (from the 10th century until 1342)!

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The Crypt

The crypt of the Basilica of San Marco is located beneath the presbytery and is accessible through two small doors on either side.

Inside, an incredible and mystical atmosphere pervades, stemming from the ancient medieval church.

Here, one can feel the solemnity and faith that once moved the worshipers.

In stark contrast to the luxury and grandeur of the upper floor, the crypt is modest, plain, yet filled with immensely profound intensity for the believers.

Here we are at the end of this beautiful trip from Hotel Germania in Jesolo to Venice.

It’s time for a tasty snack at some typical and charming Venetian wine bar, the famous ‘bacaro,’ followed by a stroll through the streets of Venice, so full of beauty and romance, and then finally returning to our beloved … Hotel Germania in Jesolo!

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