How to work at Hotel Germania
and be happy?

lavorare al Hotel Germania di Jesolo soddisfazioni, impegno e amicizia

How to work at Hotel Germania
and be happy?

To work at Hotel Germania?
...why not?

lavorare al Hotel Germania di Jesolo soddisfazioni, impegno e amicizia

You know, working in a hotel, especially one like our little Hotel Germania, is quite tough, demanding, and exhausting.

It’s not a job where, after your hours, you close everything and forget about everything until the next day.

Nor is it one that flows lightly, between coffee breaks and not particularly burdensome tasks.

On the contrary, it’s stressful, tiring, draining, relentless.

By the end of the season, you’ve lost weight, you feel almost emptied out, and now you need one of those beautiful vacations yourself!

Fatigue is also satisfaction for what has been accomplished.

lavorare al Hotel Germania di Jesolo soddisfazioni, impegno e amicizia

Many people write to me, telling me that they follow us on social media, see the countless photos with smiles of adults and children, and admire our way of ‘vacationing.’

And inevitably, they ask if there’s an available spot …for them: they would like to experience working at Germania.

Of course, they might have a somewhat idealized view of this profession.

Perhaps they believe that there are only hugs, smiles, beautiful people, fun, shows, and sports…

But there’s nothing mysterious about this interest in us, in Hotel Germania.

It’s true that there are jobs that are difficult, if not impossible, to describe as exciting, fun, intriguing, or engaging.

Think about those working in mines, or the many unfortunate individuals on this planet who have to toil immensely for very little pay…

lavorare al Hotel Germania di Jesolo soddisfazioni, impegno e amicizia

Enthusiasm and commitment,
at your Germania!

But, keeping this in mind, it must also be said that every job, every professional environment, potentially can become a source of satisfaction, contentment, and new stimuli.

A job approached with the right enthusiasm is no longer just a slice of time that one is forced to consume every day just to bring home the money.

As if it were a kind of life sentence.

No, finding oneself with the right spirit in an environment of people who share your vision, your values, your ideals becomes a crucial, fundamental piece of one’s existence.

Something that integrates seamlessly and even completes, amplifies everything else: relationships, leisure time, one’s hobbies, and interests.

And even the fatigue then weighs much less.

After all, do we complain when we sweat during a game of football with our friends?

Or do we anxiously watch the clock to know how much is left if we are watching a beautiful, captivating movie?

Il Team del Germania di Jesolo - professionisti che amano il lavoro e i propri ospiti

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A thousand satisfactions and countless smiles!

Here it’s the same: doing something that fills us with satisfaction is simply …beautiful, enjoyable, it gives purpose and substance to our choices.

And amidst all that hard work, oh, there are truly so many satisfactions!

Surprising, fascinating, sudden, delightful, always a source of involvement, warmth, and joy.

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