Welcoming guests at
Hotel Germania in Jesolo.

Il Team del Germania di Jesolo - professionisti che amano il lavoro e i propri ospiti

Welcoming guests at
Hotel Germania in Jesolo.

Those beautiful bright smiles... since your arrival!

Al Germania Suite Hotel di Jesolo ospitalità buon cibo e splendidi sorrisi

As always, you will meet dear old friends and discover new ones!

Here they are upon their arrival, your guests!

They arrive somewhat tired, worn out by the daily grind of their work, even the uncertainties – in these past two years – concerning their health…

But in their gaze, in the shining smiles, there are already expectations, happiness, and an eagerness to experience this long-awaited adventure.

And their children? Wide-eyed, as if they were in Disneyland!

Always ready to make new friends, to discover games and challenges in this new and sparkling world for them.

Then there are the encounters with friends…

Yes, because many guests are regulars: they arrive punctually every year, and they themselves are a very important part of the fun, involvement, and collective emotions.

As always, you will meet dear old friends and discover new ones!

Al Germania Suite Hotel di Jesolo ospitalità buon cibo e splendidi sorrisi

So, when they meet those who are now ‘old’ friends, you breathe contentment, the pleasure of those faces you care about.

Yes, it’s an extremely demanding, tiring, and challenging job.

But it’s full of moments that bring smiles to your face, like when you see people at the table, laughing and joking, without the pressure of the clock or daily duties, happy to finally be with their loved ones.

And they always smile at you, every time you bring them a dish, a dessert.

How can you not reciprocate, not care for them?

Or when they come back from the legendary Caribe Bay, where just by looking at them, you sense they’ve rejuvenated quite a bit, amidst games, exotic landscapes, baths, and joy.

That friendship that envelops everything in your fabulous vacation!

And what about the feeling you get when you see them all doing aerobics together on the beach?

Young and not-so-young, following the exercises as if they were all in an Olympic team.

Or when they return satisfied, fulfilled from immersing themselves in nature while cycling on their e-Bikes.

You sense their mood, their feeling of freedom, lightness, just like the air that surrounds them by the seaside.

Everything follows this pattern: there are those returning from Venice, with eyes and hearts filled with beauty that even shows in the way they move and talk about the things they’ve seen.

There are awards for the children chefs, and you don’t know who is prouder, the very talented kids or their parents (not to mention the grandparents, who seem to light up like a neon sign, for joy!).

There are also awards for the adults: someone who won a race; someone who was on the winning team in a tournament.

Where the best prize is the friendship among everyone, sealed with a delicious slice of cake and a toast.

Al Germania Suite Hotel di Jesolo ospitalità buon cibo e splendidi sorrisi

Would you like to stay in Jesolo in the most pleasant and convenient way? Book a room or an apartment at your Hotel Germania: you know, here the Guest is always at the center of every attention and smile!

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A thousand satisfactions and so many people smiling at you!

In all of this, we at Hotel Germania are there, with them.

To serve them, certainly, but also to perceive their moods, to smile at this joyful serenity, to feel satisfaction because, let’s say it, a bit of that excited and cheerful happiness is also thanks to us.

Then comes the evening, when darkness envelops even our little Theater of Time.

They don’t always know what will happen.

Very often, a famous guest performs, one of those you always see on TV, and you laugh amusedly to yourself because you can already imagine the expressions on their faces when they see them.

And there are always great involvements, applause, excitement.

Lots of cell phones taking pictures, capturing videos, sending them to friends elsewhere.

They want to share their emotions with those they love, with those who stayed at home or went on vacation elsewhere.

Contact us!

Whether it’s for information or to book an apartment at Hotel Germania in Jesolo, feel free to write to us or call us at +39 0421 381223.

Thus the days go by, friendships are formed, and others are strengthened.

The kids, it’s as if you see them even a bit taller, more grown-up, matured in this experience of vacation and play, for sure.

But also in terms of social relationships, respect, curiosity, stimuli for that long life that lies ahead of them.

And you are there, tired, fatigued, with days and weeks of sleep deprivation.

But incredibly proud of your beautiful team. Aware that they too experience the same things.

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.