Craving for holidays in Italy, right?

In vacanza al Germania Hotel spiaggia privata per coppie e famiglie

Craving for holidays in Italy, right?

The freedom you've been dreaming of for so long!

A true vacation, one of those beautiful vacations: it not only makes you think positively but also evokes very colorful feelings.

A thousand desires to be in Italy, in Jesolo, on vacation...

In vacanza al Germania Hotel spiaggia privata per coppie e famiglie

Every person has different reasons for desiring a vacation, even within the same family.

There are those coming from a period of intense and tiring work.

Some travel frequently and can’t spend as much time as they’d like with their family, children, and loved ones.

Others want to discover new beauties, pieces of history, many exciting landscapes.

And also those who are instead in pursuit of experiences, surprises, sensations, new friends, serenity, and fun (even better if with sports and good food!).

In vacanza al Germania Hotel spiaggia privata per coppie e famiglie

But one thing unites all these beloved guests of ours: none of them, after months of obligations, fixed schedules, early mornings, unavoidable appointments, etc., …would want to find themselves in a vacation so similar to the unpleasant part of daily life, right?

A resounding no, no, no to banality and insincere formalities, therefore…

mai andare in alberghi brutti Scegli sempre il Germania di Jesolo

The most beautiful vacation is the one that stays in your heart.

They, on the other hand, love having the opportunity to choose, to access things that inspire them at that moment, things they like, and above all, whenever they desire: it’s a vacation, for heaven’s sake!

No applause on command, here.

No obligation to dance at a certain hour, or to cycle by the third day of arrival…

To stay in Jesolo (Venice) during your holidays or for your work, book a room or an apartment at Hotel Germania in Jesolo!
Phone: +39 0421 381223

In vacanza al Germania Hotel spiaggia privata per coppie e famiglie

If they want to explore the area with one of our e-Bikes, discovering the territory, the lagoon, the romantic rivers, or if they wish to visit the beautiful Caribe Bay Water Park (by the way, that one’s on us!!), or perhaps take the kids to Venice, or see a spectacular wildlife fauna…

That’s what they like, being able to do it at their own pace, schedule, and preferences!

Caribe Bay ed eBike per le tue esclusive vacanze al Germani Suite Hotel di Jesolo Italia

Free to live: what vacation would it be otherwise?

That’s why Hotel Germania in Jesolo is so beloved, visited, and chosen by our devoted friends and guests.

Here they feel… free. Free, even before being amused, excited, active, or full of genuine food.

Free to be themselves, to laugh with their family on vacation, to experience emotions while watching a show by a famous TV star, or to dance on the beach, by the sea, with many new and old friends.

La spiaggia privata del Germania Suite Hote di Jesolo per le tue vacanze al mare

Contact us!

Whether it’s for information, for business, or to book your vacation, don’t hesitate to write to us or call us at +39 0421 381223.

Una vacanza al Germania Suite Hotel di Jesolo mare bike feste e caribe bay

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.