Veneto, a unique region in the world.

Veneto, a unique region in the world.

So many wonders, all different and nearby, to fill your vacation in Jesolo with amazement!

Scoprire il Veneto e le sue incredibili bellezze racchiuse in uno spazio raccolto. Dalle poderose Dolomiti, sino a venezia e le Città d'Arte.

Our planet is undeniably beautiful!

Countless wonders leave us, the small inhabitants of it, constantly in awe, with eyes and mouths wide open, facing all this splendor, at times powerful, at others delicate, always so full of emotions and the ability to inspire us.

Yet, there is a small unique patch in this very world that encompasses so many diverse beauties unmatched anywhere else on Earth.

A scrap of land that boasts magnificent and powerful mountains; a delightful sea that caresses a gentle, sunny coastline, perfect for the relaxation and enjoyment of both adults and children; and then the fabulous Art Cities: not just one, but … many!

This is how our Jesolo becomes the focal point, the starting point, the center of all this goodness.

Buon cibo, bella gente operosa, paesaggi stupendi, i sorrisi che accompagnano la tua vacanza all'Hotel Germania di Jesolo!

From here, every day you can choose how to color your day. You can simply bask in shopping, sunbathing, or reading.

Or you can decide to engage in sports: from cycling along well-kept and beautiful routes to sailing; from golf to motor racing; from skydiving to jogging along the long kilometers of pristine beach, breathing the healthy sea breeze.

But as they say, appetite comes with eating, and here the many sumptuous opportunities catch our attention! It’s impossible to resist the call of Venice, where not only are there a thousand events, museums, architectures, and churches that dazzle your senses with beauty, but where every alley, every canal, every reflection plays with our thoughts as if they were the strings of a cello.

Venezia, perla unica, splendente, a poca distanza da Jesolo e dal tuo Hotel Germania.

Occasionally, you can also decide to take longer trips, but always incredibly exciting and delightful. From the nearby and delightful Treviso, surrounded by the famous Prosecco hills and mirrored on the thousand streams and canals that cross it; to Padua, one of Italy’s most learned and charming cities; or Verona, an immensely important and stunning city so rich in history, legends, romanticism, and beauty.

And then, and then… there are always those mountains in the distance, those peaks so hauntingly evocative, filled with the ever-changing colors of the day, the subject of a thousand images captured by the world’s best photographers, with endless valleys, fabulous forests, and breathtaking landscapes.

This is our Veneto.

And each of these gems is in turn immersed in a territory of great interest: the plain, the beautiful rivers, the thousand villages, the astonishing and vivid Venice Lagoon with its extraordinary islets.

Le maestose Dolomiti, un'escursione deliziosa da jesolo, in auto o in bus. Mare e montagna insieme, cosa desiderare di più?

See? Here, one fills their lungs with history, nature, festivities, with hardworking and incredibly friendly people.
Here, you taste delicious foods and savor delightful wines.

Always amidst joy, warmth, the pleasure of gathering, of being together.

It’s understood that when at the end of the day you return to your little home at Hotel Germania, in your welcoming Jesolo, with your heart and eyes soaked in all the sensations accumulated during these incredibly rich days, your thoughts, your sensitivity are embraced by that bright, intense emotion that we call …happiness in every part of the planet.

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.