Hospitality at Hotel Germania means your home during your vacation.

Hospitality at Hotel Germania means your home during your vacation.

The true essence of a vacation with a thousand colors.

La famiglia, i bambini felici nella vacanza a Jesolo: le loro prime sorprese colorate!

Our thoughts are often crowded by numerous tasks, big and small, many pressing commitments that overlap with each other: this ‘steals’ a bit of space from other perhaps more important things.

But this doesn’t mean that we lack attention, sensitivity, or imagination.

No, it’s our very own life that often leads us to slip into our existences, focusing on them, as if we were inside a sort of bubble.

Thus, our imagination fades, overridden by pressing commitments and irrevocable daily routines that consume, erode our time.

The vacation at Hotel Germania?
A canvas of a painter that you yourself color!

La tua vacanza a Jesolo contiene tutti i colori della tua felicità.

You see, a vacation is a bit like a dictionary: it contains thousands and thousands of words. Or like a painter’s palette, with so many colors available.

Taken alone, they don’t serve much purpose, really: they don’t create, they don’t inspire, they don’t make you fall in love, they don’t ignite your heart, nor do they provide courage, clarity, or determination.

But if those words, those colors are used well… if they take on delightful forms, then we are moved, we laugh happily, we get excited.

Thoughts become transparent, like crystal; suddenly, we find the answers we were looking for. Doubts slowly disappear because we realize that the answers were already inside us.

And we find ourselves laughing, like children, because we realize that life is beautiful: it was us who had covered it with a dull veil.

Well, here at Germania, you find colors, you find sounds, you find a thousand healthy activities, you meet people like you, each with their own universe to tell within themselves.

Every guest arrives here with their baggage of thoughts, struggles, doubts, and weariness. You see them, they are often like a canvas waiting for bright colors, like a blank page in a book, eager to host a beautiful story.

And the fantastic thing, truly wonderful, is that they themselves write those beautiful words. It’s families, laughing children who create these colorful compositions that simply looking at them make you happy.

They make you clap your hands.

In Jesolo, an enchanted story you preserve within yourself.

Jesolo possiede una lunghissima spiaggia. Qui puoi davvero fare mille sport, divertirti, rilassarti, incontrare amici e sentire l'essenza della tua vacanza. Vieni all'Hotel germania, fanne la base per i tuoi divertimenti a Jesolo!

We? Ah, we offer them pencils, paper, pens, colors, the easel: the tools to reignite their imagination.

We show them those things that perhaps they had forgotten existed. Or that seemed unimportant, not prioritized in the face of daily problems.

But it is they who write and draw wonderful stories.

The importance of happiness and joy in our lives.

In the finest literature, the true reader collaborates with the author.

Our moments of intimacy with a book are a continuous dialogue with the one who wrote it.

He, the writer, certainly opens windows before us. But it is we who lean out, enjoying the azure sky, the cicadas’ noise, the breeze that makes the sea shine, which he, the writer, hinted at.

Because you see, friends, imagination is not about inventing the nonexistent, but an enhanced ability to look at reality, to see the beauty it constantly offers us.

‘To have imagination,’ Thomas Mann said, ‘does not mean to imagine something, but to give importance to things.’

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.