The Germania – your true holiday village in Italy!

Allegria in spiaggia in vacanza all'Hotel Germania di Jesolo - Venezia

The Germania – your true holiday village in Italy!

A complete vacation in Jesolo!

Our small Hotel Residence is often compared to… a holiday village!

As you know, the latter is a holiday location, typically extensive, where you find entertainment, amusements, restaurants, and various facilities of all kinds.

Those who compare us to a holiday village, however, refer not to pools, discos, or gyms but to an atmosphere of joy and involvement.

Actually, the entertainment and holiday model of a holiday village follow an entirely different philosophy from that of the Germania.

In a village, just like on a cruise ship, the aim is to maximize economic profit.

To achieve this, it’s necessary for people to spend as little time outside the structure as possible, instead encouraging them to spend a lot inside. For everything: from excursions to photographs, from certain restaurants not included in the offer to beauty centers, saunas, and so on. For each of these things in a village… you pay.

And quite a lot, as those who have experienced it know, albeit very enjoyable, although a bit, let’s say, intrusive.

But this, considering that something is given in return, is not the main aspect of the difference with the Hotel Suite Germania we are talking about.

While in the village, the logic is ‘we’ve thought of everything for you: relax, have fun, and don’t think about anything else,’ removing any possibility of choice, curiosity, discovery, or learning, at the Germania, exactly the opposite happens.

Allegria in spiaggia in vacanza all'Hotel Germania di Jesolo - Venezia

Here, in fact, a thousand initiatives are constantly organized, precisely aimed at intriguing, stimulating thoughts, choices, attitudes, desires, or curiosities.

At times, it might involve an outdoor sport: from sea-related activities to cycling, even including skydiving, golf, or motor racing.

Other times it’s something more subtle, gentle, and profound, such as discovering the territory you’re in, or experiencing firsthand the care and naturalness with which the delicious food on your own table is produced.

These are all things happening outside our small and welcoming structure, as you can see.

Here lies the main difference: the person is placed at the center of attention, yes.

But not as a passive consumer of something prepared by others, almost as if sitting in front of a TV. And not even as a secondary extra in a movie shot entirely inside a film studio, with artificial backgrounds and lights.

Rather, as the main interpreter of an always thrilling and spectacular adventure.

And not just as the lead actor or actress… but also as the director and screenwriter of their own magnificent experience!

Thus, here, everyone chooses and decides what they feel like doing, what interests or passions they want to immerse themselves in.

Whether it’s relaxing, going for a run on the extensive shoreline, finally reading a good book, or, if preferred, participating in beach games and gymnastics.

Whether it’s cycling with new friends through rivers, lagoons, and lush nature.

Or joining a costume party, getting involved with famous artists in the many weekly shows at our delightful Theater of Time.

Or even visiting one of the stunning places in this rich Veneto region: the villages, the Art Cities, the Islands of the Lagoon…

All these things are possible here, at the Germania in Jesolo, because we’ve made them possible, accessible whenever the desire arises.

All it takes is the will to do so, to shake off the boring routines and instead take on a dynamic role filled with energy and interests: it’s your vacation, after all, meant to color your thoughts and fill you with vitality, not just dispel accumulated stress and fatigue.

The effect of all this is extraordinary: because the Guest finally feels active, doing what in the routine of our lives is often quite challenging or limited.

This way, they manage to give participation, substance, and passion to something that’s more than just a mere stay but rather an important piece of their life!

It’s like a painter who decides every day which colors to add to their canvas. Without letting others draw it for them.

This is what those who come here to recharge their batteries, to find inspiration and determination to build their own future, enjoy so much.

The freedom, the fun, the intelligence of a true and complete vacation.

In ogni momento dell'anno, parti per la tua vacanza a Jesolo!

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.