Back to the future? On vacation, in Jesolo!

Vacanze in famiglia, Hotel Germania, Jesolo

Back to the future? On vacation, in Jesolo!

A vacation full of stars, in Jesolo, Italy!

“Things break,
sometimes they mend,
and we realize that,
for all the damage we may endure,
life almost always rewards us,
often in a wonderful way…”

(Hanya Yanagihara)

The Guests and Friends of Germania are not just that, “simply” so. With time, they’ve become part of the family.

Within the family, there’s confidence, trust, friendship, and often, just a glance into each other’s eyes is enough to understand desires, needs, the longing for vacation, lightness, and joy.

That irresistible desire to immerse oneself in days to pack into the suitcase of memories, which then transforms into a goodbye that smells of the future.

We watch them, our Guests, upon arrival. With children growing taller, more mature, more aware, increasingly beautiful.

Over the years, we get to know them so well that we can sense their mood and state of mind.

We’ve become incredibly adept at understanding if they’re serene or if a gray cloud has cast a bit of shade on the sun.

In the family, you know, just a glance is enough!

Vacanze in famiglia, Hotel Germania, Jesolo

Lately, there have been quite a few dark clouds…

While some were discouraged, others looked at those clouds and only saw a beautiful silver lining.

That’s what we did.

And now it’s spring, those clouds are melting away, carried by the warmth of the wind, opening up to the sun.

This time, this year, has been tough. A kind of end to everything we knew before.

But let’s remind ourselves every day that the end of something is always a new beginning.

It’s rediscovery, rediscovering.

The beauty of a sunset, a pizza shared with loved ones, an evening full of stars. A plunge into a renewed life, where the summer sun can compensate for the harshness of winter.

Our hotel guests are our friends; they are our extended family.

And in a family, we help each other, we have fun, we care for one another. Together, those cold gusts of a fading year, those scars, will change shape: they will become the most blossoming branches of that great tree which is life.

A reward, if you will. A reward that we can’t wait to give you.

A reward that carries the scent of a promise, a promise of … happiness!

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.