How to return home from vacation without feeling stressed.

Rientro dalle vacanze, un momento da gestire con ottimismo ed energia positiva.

How to return home from vacation without feeling stressed.

Return Stress?
Live like you're on vacation!

Rientro dalle vacanze, un momento da gestire con ottimismo e attenzione.

After vacation, many people often return with the experienced phenomenon known as the ‘return syndrome.’

This phenomenon is closely related to the change in the daily rhythm to which our bodies had become accustomed during the relaxation period, and the necessity of once again facing work commitments and the resulting stress.

The ‘return syndrome’ often manifests through alterations in our sleep-wake cycle, leading to nights characterized by lower quality and shorter duration of sleep.

During vacations, we often allow ourselves to alleviate daily stresses and follow a more relaxed rhythm of life.

We wake up when our body desires, take longer naps, and enjoy rejuvenating sleep.

Moreover, we frequently engage in activities, exercise, dance, eat well, have fun, fill our thoughts with myriad surprises, and, most importantly, encounter beautiful, cheerful individuals with whom we can exchange ideas, share experiences, tell stories, and listen.

These are all elements that, for various reasons, are less prevalent in our daily lives.

Consequently, when the time comes to return to the reality of our work commitments and daily responsibilities, our bodies are faced with a sudden change in pace.

Sorridi come quando eri in vacanza al Germania Hotel di Jesolo!

How to bring colors into the days.

This change can have a range of negative impacts on sleep quality.

Nights might become restless, sleep interrupted by anxious thoughts about work and future challenges.

The duration of sleep can significantly decrease, leading to persistent daytime fatigue, affecting our performance, moods, and overall well-being.

Furthermore, sleep quality might deteriorate, resulting in light and non-restorative sleep.

Dealing with the ‘return syndrome’ requires a certain level of mindfulness and the implementation of strategies to assist our body in gradually readjusting to work rhythms.

It’s evident that this isn’t ideal: we need to act decisively to address this situation, to get back to our best and feel comfortable again.

Rientro dalle vacanze, un momento da gestire con ottimismo ed energia positiva.

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Liberarsi dall'ansia al ritorno a casa dalle vacanze.

Happier, lighter, more entertaining days.

A limit, an issue we must face is precisely… everyday life.

Not just its repetitive routines, which are not always enjoyable, but also many other factors: from the darker and less stimulating climate to rigid schedules that become strict administrators of our lives; from daily traffic jams to the numerous annoying problems and obstacles of all kinds.

All things that seem insurmountable, larger than ourselves, impossible to handle.

But is that really the case?

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Ritrovare energia e piacere della vita facendo mille cose al ritorno dalle vacanze.

Melatonin, the hormone
that does us good!

Firstly, sleep well!

Among the numerous supplements used by many individuals to enhance sleep quality, melatonin is one of the most well-known and widely adopted.

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone produced not only in our bodies but also in animals and plants. Its importance in regulating the sleep-wake cycle is crucial, as it helps synchronize our sleep cycle with the passing hours.

The production of melatonin in our bodies gradually diminishes with age and can be influenced by various factors, including health conditions, lifestyle, type of work, travel across different time zones, and exposure to environmental brightness.

This reduction in melatonin production can lead to various sleep disturbances and negatively impact our overall well-being.

However, not only the positive effects on the quality of our sleep are relevant, but there are also numerous other benefits of taking melatonin:

Protection against UV skin radiation: It combats the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin.

Improvement in the gastrointestinal tract:

Increases activity and circulation in the gastric mucosa.

Enhances gastrointestinal motility.

Promotes regeneration of the intestinal epithelium.

Reduces symptoms in some inflammatory bowel diseases.

Mental health benefits:

Regulates the sleep-wake cycle and cortisol secretion.

Can aid in anxiety and depression, often associated with low melatonin levels.

Cognitive function enhancement:

Enhances results of psychometric tests.

Improves the quality and duration of sleep, often disrupted in patients with cognitive impairment.

Eye benefits:

Positive effects in some eye conditions such as ocular neuritis, uveitis, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration.

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant role:

Contributes to managing acute inflammation in athletes during and after physical exertion.

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Relaxation, joy, and beautiful passions

After giving due attention to our sleep upon returning from vacation, many opportunities arise to further enhance our well-being.

In fact, returning to the daily routine requires more than simply resuming regular sleep.

The ideal goal is to restore those moods, that lifestyle balance, and that mental serenity which were faithful companions during our vacation adventures in the shortest time possible.

The greatest challenge lies in keeping alive the spirit of relaxation and joy experienced during vacation, even though daily commitments and stress can easily threaten it.

To achieve this, we can consider some key strategies that help us preserve this sense of well-being.

Balanced Lifestyle:

We should strive to maintain the positive aspects of our vacation routine, such as attention to nutrition, physical activity, and time for relaxation. Maintaining a balance between work and personal life is crucial for our mental health. Not only that. When returning home from work, one is tired, we know that. One might want to lay down on the couch and do nothing. While understandable, this doesn’t do us any good. It’s better to do things that show we care for ourselves: let’s treat ourselves to a good wine, listen to great music, plan an evening, read a good book, or prepare a light and tasty lunch (no canned food that makes us sad!!)

Cultivating a Positive Mindset:

Let’s focus on positive thoughts and gratitude. Keeping a journal of the good and beautiful things done or seen during the day helps us maintain a positive perspective on our lives.

Practicing Mindfulness and Stress Management:

The application of mindfulness and stress management techniques such as meditation and deep breathing can help us maintain calmness and mental serenity even during stressful moments.

Have you ever considered enrolling in an excellent yoga class? Or in a serious martial arts studio? You have no idea about the physical and mental well-being you will experience!

Sorrisi, allegria, buone amicizie, benessere fisico, piacere di stare con gli altri, questo rende anche la quotidianità una bella vacanza!

Share your adventures.

Proceeding with exploration and experiences: This is an essential point.

We don’t necessarily have to halt our curiosity and eagerness to experiment just because we’re returning to work.

Nor do we have to survive and drag ourselves tiredly, just waiting for the next vacation. We can plan small trips or interesting activities on weekends to keep our enthusiasm and motivation alive: The world is beautiful, let’s explore it!

Sharing experiences with others:

Humans are social beings and need interaction with others. Associate with interesting, curious people.

Avoid those who always talk about their own problems. Discovering common interests is something beautiful that always brings excitement and passion, of which we might have been unaware.

Also, talking about our vacation experiences at the beloved Hotel Germania and sharing memories of the many festivities and joy with friends and family can keep the vacation emotions alive.

Planning the next adventures:

Planning the next vacation can give us something to look forward to, helping us stay motivated and focused during our daily routines.

The balance that brings joy!"

Nulla di meglio di una vita sana, tanti sorrisi e qualche sfida appassionante per sentirsi come quando eri in vacanza al Hotel Germania di Jesolo.

As one can see, returning from vacation does not necessarily have to signify the end of the happiness and well-being we experienced.

With commitment and the right attention, we can continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle and positive mental balance, carrying those moments of joy and relaxation that the wonderful seaside vacation gifted us.

It’s entirely up to us.

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.