Happy Hour and fun in your evenings in Jesolo

Happy Hour, l'inizio di una serata eccitante e divertentissima, quando soggiorni all'Hotel Germania di Jesolo!

Happy Hour and fun in your evenings in Jesolo

Discover the best places to have fun in great company, in Jesolo ✨

Welcome to Jesolo, the vibrant hub of summer holidays where social life is an explosive mix of fun, first-class entertainment, and unforgettable moments!
Here, days filled with energy, sea, and sports are just the beginning of an adventure that intensifies as the sun sets.

But even in the off-season, Hotel Germania in Jesolo transforms into the starting point for these true dives into life, color, and excitement, allowing you to fully experience the glamorous side of Jesolo.

Here, the party knows no seasons, and the hospitality of Hotel Germania is a haven of comfort and style all year round. Whether you’re seeking a cozy evening at the piano bar or an exhilarating night at the trendiest nightclubs, Germania is the perfect place to kick off your holiday adventures.

Your Hotel Germania, the ideal starting point for fantastic evenings filled with entertainment and happy hours
...in Jesolo!

L'Hotel Germania di Jesolo è il punto ideale di partenza per scoprire e godere la divertentissima ed eccitante vita mondana di Jesolo. Discoteche, piano bar, lounge, DJ set e cocktail buonissimi per le tue serate di vacanza!

And when the morning dawns, you can relax in the beautiful setting of the hotel, ready for another day of discoveries and fun. Jesolo awaits you in every season.
Let yourself be guided by the excitement and sophistication of this wonderful destination, with Hotel Germania as your reference point for an unforgettable experience.

Your adventure in Jesolo begins here!

On warm Jesolo evenings, trendy venues and piano bars come alive with contagious frenzy, featuring successful DJ sets that keep the crowd dancing into the late hours.
Fine cocktails flow abundantly, expertly crafted by skilled bartenders, while the spectacular furnishings create an elegant and refined backdrop for your evenings. 😊🌟

Meetups with friends are always stimulating, and conversations and laughter will flow freely as you savor tasty snacks or complete, creative, and delicious meals that satisfy every palate.

The night is young, and the diversity of culinary options is just a taste of the delights that Jesolo has to offer. 💃🌞

Per le feste di natale e Capodanno 2024 a Jesolo tanti concerti, musica, festa, allegria, con DJs, famosi artisti e spettacolari esibizioni! Scegli un appartamento all'Hotel Germania ed esci a divertirti!

In Jesolo, where the holiday party never ends!

The party indeed continues in the legendary nightclubs of Jesolo, where strobe lights dance to the beat of music, and the atmospheres are charged with excitement.
Nights turn into adventures, and the rhythm never stops until dawn.
These are the nights that make history, and the stories that will remain etched in your memory forever. 🏨🍾🌆

Welcome to this splendid realm of fun, welcome to Jesolo!” 🏖️🍹🌟💃🕺🎵

In the vibrant world of Jesolo’s nightlife, the options are so diverse that you will always find the perfect place to satisfy your desires! Jesolo is famous for its lively nightlife scene, and the venues here range from cozy cocktail bars to elegant restaurants and wild nightclubs.

Regardless of what you’re looking for – a relaxed atmosphere for sipping a drink with friends, a restaurant with a gourmet menu that will delight you, or a dance floor where you can dance all night – Jesolo has it all.

Now, we will introduce you to some of the best and most renowned venues, those that have become true landmarks for those seeking entertainment and great cuisine.

Get ready to discover the hidden gems of Jesolo’s nightlife and immerse yourself in a world of excitement, beautiful music, and unparalleled culinary delights! 🍸🍴🎉

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Discover the most exclusive venues in Jesolo to light up your holiday evenings!

Casabianca Café

Casabianca Café, il luogo ideale per trascorrere una serata divertentissima, quando soggiorni all'Hotel Germania di Jesolo!

Elevated above the bustling square of Jesolo, you’ll find Casabianca Café, the perfect place for aperitifs and happy hours. With a touch of class and a modern atmosphere, Casabianca Café offers a unique experience that blends good taste with captivating contemporary elements. The interior design is minimalist, skillfully combining the solidity of wood and steel with the transparency of glass. On the ground floor, an elegant garden lounge, while on the first floor, a spacious terrace with modernist-inspired furnishings. The interior and exterior seamlessly connect through large windows.

Casabianca is the preferred meeting place for young locals and tourists, a trendy spot to see and be seen. Here, you can enjoy excellent drinks and delicious snacks, including oysters and Champagne. The management of the establishment is in the hands of professionals who always maintain a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. During the weekends, you can have fun with DJ sets during the aperitif. The epicenter of fun is on Sundays when the aperitif starts at 6:00 PM, turning Casabianca Café into an unmissable gathering point for those who love the beauty of nightlife.

Come and discover Casabianca Café in Jesolo, open every Saturday and Sunday from 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM. Experience the vibrant atmosphere of this place and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience! 🍹🍸🎵🎉

Bariolè, in Jesolo

Bariolé, il luogo fantastico per trascorrere una serata divertentissima, quando soggiorni all'Hotel Germania di Jesolo!

Welcome to Bariolè, a little gem in the heart of Jesolo, located between Piazza Brescia and Piazza Mazzini, specifically in Piazzetta Volta. The name ‘Bariolè’ comes from French, meaning ‘eccentric’ and ‘multicolored,’ and perfectly represents the atmosphere of this venue. Run by a group of passionate young individuals, Bariolè is constantly evolving, always looking for ways to surprise its guests.

This venue is a small elite beerhouse with a meticulous selection of beers, both on tap and in bottles. At Bariolè, everyone will find the perfect beer to suit their taste, to be enjoyed with enticing snacks recommended by the staff. The house specialty is the 170-gram pure Black Angus hamburger, but the delights don’t end there. You can also indulge in various types of snacks, including delicious club sandwiches, piadinas, and stuffed maxi toasts tailored to your liking. The menu is extremely diverse to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates.

Bariolè is the place where you’ll feel pampered like at home, where you can experience something new. It’s the perfect spot for an aperitif, a sports dinner, or simply a place to relax and chat with friends. Here, everything is very… easy! Welcome to Bariolè, where variety and eccentricity are the norm. 🍻🍔🥪🎉

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Happy Hour, l'inizio di una serata eccitante e divertentissima, quando soggiorni all'Hotel Germania di Jesolo!

Gasoline Beach Club

Gasoline Beach Club, l'inizio di una serata eccitante e divertentissima, quando soggiorni all'Hotel Germania di Jesolo!

Welcome to Gasoline Beach Club, the epicenter of nightlife in Jesolo. With two distinct locations, Gasoline Beach Club and Gasoline Road Bar, this venue is the perfect spot for those seeking an experience filled with fun and authentic American style.

Gasoline Road Bar, located in Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini, is the longest-standing American-style bar on the Lido of Jesolo. Here, you’ll find the atmosphere of American streets, with motorcycles, vintage gas pumps, neon signs, and much more. Music and sports take center stage, thanks to powerful video and amplifiers, all immersed in the world of bikers and hot rods. This venue is an American dream, a place where you can spend evenings steeped in authentic US culture.

Gasoline Beach Club, situated along the coast of Jesolo, offers a breathtaking view of the city of Venice. This beach establishment is the perfect choice for a vacation dedicated to the sea, nature, and colors, away from the stress of daily life. You can savor the best dishes of Venetian cuisine in the seafood restaurant with a view of the sea. And if you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ll find plenty of opportunities here to challenge yourself and have fun with friends.

Gasoline Beach Club is the ideal place for families, friends, and couples seeking relaxation, good food, and entertainment. With all the necessary comforts, its qualified staff will be ready to meet your every need. So, if you’re looking for a vacation that combines relaxation, great food, nature, and lots of fun, look no further: Gasoline Beach Club is your ideal destination. 🏖️🍹🎶🏍️

TerrazzaMare in Jesolo

Terrazzamare, l'inizio di una serata eccitante e divertentissima, quando soggiorni all'Hotel Germania di Jesolo!

Welcome to TerrazzaMare, the vibrant heart of beach life on the Adriatic Riviera in Jesolo. Every Sunday, you can enjoy the best house music and an unparalleled scenic show here.

The main attraction of TerrazzaMare is its spectacular location near the Jesolo lighthouse. At sunset, the view is breathtaking, and you can enjoy it best while sitting at one of the tables of this elegant restaurant with a spacious outdoor area perfect for the summer season. Bright and welcoming, TerrazzaMare not only offers excellent food but also the opportunity to take part in the ritual of the sunset aperitif, accompanied by music and delightful tastings.

TerrazzaMare is managed by the same team as Marcandole in Salgareda, one of the best seafood restaurants in the province of Treviso. The wine cellar here is equally impressive, offering a wide selection of wines that pair perfectly with the exquisite dishes. A place where quality food and spectacular views merge into an unforgettable experience. 🌅🍹🎵🍽️

La Guinguette Baladin, in Jesolo

La Guinguette, l'inizio di una serata eccitante e divertentissima, quando soggiorni all'Hotel Germania di Jesolo!

Welcome to Guinguette Baladin in Jesolo, the go-to spot for a French-inspired gastronomic experience with a Baladin twist.

Teo, along with the artist Marina Obradovic, has created this new Baladin venue, drawing inspiration from the French concept of ‘guinguette,’ which represents informal places in the outskirts of Paris where people can enjoy food, listen to music, and dance. The atmosphere at Guinguette Baladin aims to be a place where people gather to share enjoyable moments, listen to music, converse, and, of course, savor good beer. The venue is vibrantly decorated and offers an atmosphere reminiscent of the circus and pop culture.

With a total of 22 taps, including two on draft, Guinguette Baladin Jesolo serves a selection of Baladin beers and more. In line with the shared philosophy that characterizes the Baladin brand, five taps are dedicated to craft beer producers from all over Italy, with a particular focus on Venetian producers. It’s the ideal place to discover the best of craft beer and enjoy French delicacies with a Baladin twist. 🍻🎉🥖

The legendary Mucho Macho!

Mucho macho, uno dei locali più famosi e popolari della movida di Jesolo. Scoprilo, mentre trascorri la tua vacanza all'Hotel Germania!

Welcome to Mucho Macho in Jesolo, the place where aperitivo and after-dinner turn into an extraordinary experience! Renovated in name and management, Mucho Macho remains a constant in the heart of Jesolo, always seeking improvements. Over the years, this venue has seen a series of refinements, furniture expansions, and additions to the cocktail menu, proving to be an ever-evolving point of reference.

Every year, Mucho Macho introduces something new, following trends and anticipating innovative offerings. The latest addition is a wine cellar that would make even a prestigious winery envious, an excellent addition to an environment that has always had an outstanding repertoire of wines. Today, Mucho Macho is both elegant and welcoming, with the addition of warm 2000K LED lights, vertical gardens, and porcelain stoneware tiles taken directly from Cersaie. It’s the ideal place to relax, socialize, and experience surprising tastes. Come and visit us and be amazed! 🍹🎉🍷

Alletorri Café
Aperitifs & Happy Hour

Alletorri, uno dei locali più famosi e popolari della movida di Jesolo. Scoprilo, mentre trascorri la tua vacanza all'Hotel Germania!

Welcome back to Alletorri Café in Jesolo, the must-visit place for breakfast, lunch, an aperitif, or a drink during the hot summer days. In a glamorous setting boasting a breathtaking view of the Towers of Piazza Drago and the relaxing sound of water flowing in the picturesque fountains, you can sit in our beautiful outdoor area to enjoy a coffee or cappuccino, fresh fruit smoothies, sweet croissants, avocado toast, and much more. If you prefer, you can order lunch from our “Alletorri Food” menu, featuring burgers, club sandwiches, and other delicacies prepared with top-quality ingredients.

The aperitif hour is truly special, with Signature drinks and cocktails with an incomparable taste, accompanied by lively DJ sets by the best local DJs. Located beneath the majestic Towers of Piazza Drago, at Alletorri Café, we guarantee you an unforgettable day in Jesolo. Whether you’re looking for a rich and healthy breakfast, a gourmet lunch, or a lively evening with great music, we are here to welcome you with enthusiasm. 🍸🍔🎶

Primafila Music Cafè

Primafila, uno dei locali più famosi e gettonati della movida di Jesolo. Scoprilo, mentre trascorri la tua vacanza all'Hotel Germania!

You’ve arrived at Primafila Music Café in Jesolo, one of the trendiest venues in the province of Venice! With us, fun and glamour are always on the agenda. We are a unique place that offers various experiences in one: a wine bar, a restaurant, and a music café. Whether you want to enjoy a cocktail, have dinner, savor a glass of wine, or dance to the beat of our DJ’s music, you’ll find all this and much more.

We are a true point of reference for local nightlife, an American bar and music café that competes with the liveliest metropolitan venues. We offer lively and delightful aperitifs (including excellent selected wines), casual dinners with treats like toast, piadinas, club sandwiches, canapés, and hamburgers, as well as fun after-dinner experiences that extend into the heart of the night, with cocktails and long drinks ranging from the famous ‘pestati’ to frozen drinks and special shots.

During the weekend, you can count on DJ sets and themed parties, ensuring an always energetic atmosphere. If you’re looking for an unforgettable evening in Jesolo, Primafila Music Café is the perfect place. Contact us at 3278118476 or visit our website www.primafilajesolo.com for more information and reservations. We look forward to welcoming you for a night of fun and great music! 🍸🍔🎵🎉

Marechiaro Café

Marechiaro, uno dei locali più famosi e frequentati della movida di Jesolo. Scoprilo, mentre trascorri la tua vacanza all'Hotel Germania!

Marechiaro Café in Jesolo is the place that offers comprehensive service from morning breakfast to the last coffee of the evening. We are here for you all year round, from 7:30 AM to 2:00 AM, to ensure that every moment of the day is special.

We are ideal for quick but tasty and well-served lunches. Our menu is designed to satisfy all palates, and we are the perfect place for those who desire a delightful aperitif in Jesolo. We offer a variety of flavor-rich and refreshing cocktails, with high-quality ingredients and fresh fruit.

Marechiaro Café is the essential stop before starting a night out in the clubs. If you’re looking for a place to kick off your evening in Jesolo with style, come and visit us. For information and reservations, call 329.54.64.709. We are ready to welcome you at any time of the day, from dawn until late at night. 🍳🍔🍹🌃”


Rosemar, uno dei locali più famosi, eleganti e frequentati della movida di Jesolo. Scoprilo, mentre trascorri la tua vacanza all'Hotel Germania!

RoseMar is the exclusive venue for a unique poolside aperitif, with a view that stretches to the horizon of the sea. Located in the charming Hotel Delle Rose, in Piazza Mazzini, RoseMar is more than just a bar; it’s a true Chill Bar, designed to offer an atmosphere of total relaxation.

Here, you can enjoy the aperitif in a lounge atmosphere, accompanied by DJ sets (every Friday), vinyl records, and sometimes even live music. But what truly makes RoseMar special is the quality of the drinks offered. Each cocktail is carefully and attentively crafted, ensuring a top-notch tasting experience.

To complete this extraordinary experience, RoseMar offers a selection of delicious and high-quality food served in an elegant yet informal atmosphere. All of this in a completely renovated location, with a Chill Bar area that will accompany you from morning until evening. The sea view is simply spectacular because we believe that what surrounds the food is as important as the food itself.

Come visit us at Via Zara, 1, Lido di Jesolo, or call 0421972653. RoseMar is waiting for you for an unforgettable beachfront experience. 🍹🌅🎵

Il Venexino, in Jesolo

Il Venexino, uno dei locali più famosi, eleganti e popolari della movida chic di Jesolo. Scoprilo, mentre trascorri la tua vacanza all'Hotel Germania!

Welcome to Venexino, in Jesolo, the younger sibling of the renowned namesake venue in Padova. Here, the art of drinking reaches extraordinary heights. The wine list, featuring a wide range of bottles and glasses, is a true celebration of the passion for beverages, turning every tasting into an unforgettable experience. From the elegance of champagne to the freshness of oysters, here you’ll find the perfect blend of the finest wine and seafood delicacies.

But that’s not all; the cocktails are authentic works of art, created by bartenders who mix local ingredients to offer a unique and intoxicating flavor journey. After the great success of the flagship venue in Padova, Venexino has decided to bring its magic to Jesolo, in the modern Piazza Carducci. Here, the venue enchants with an easy chic atmosphere, perfect for exclusive aperitifs, seafood dinners with friends, and romantic couples’ nights. The menu, which is renewed every two weeks, is a celebration of high-quality raw materials skillfully prepared by Chef Riccardo. All of this is accompanied by a rich selection of wines, with a particular preference for bubbles, and breathtaking cocktails.

Come visit us at Via Bafile, at the VII beach access, Lido di Jesolo, or call 324 584 5500. Venexino is waiting for you for an unparalleled gastronomic experience. 🍷🍤🍸

Tacco11 Sky Bar

Tacco11 American Bar, uno dei locali più famosi, eleganti e popolari della movida chic di Jesolo. Scoprilo, mentre trascorri la tua vacanza all'Hotel Germania!

Ascend to the seventh heaven of elegance at Tacco11 Sky Bar, located on the sixth floor of the prestigious J44 Hotel. Here, it’s not just a panoramic view, but a breathtaking one, with a double terrace that overlooks both the sea and the lagoon, offering a skyline that embraces the city. The two terraces, each with its distinctive character, create an atmosphere of incredible beauty.

One of the terraces hosts a heated pool, accessible year-round, surrounded by comfortable loungers and couches to ensure complete relaxation. The other terrace overlooks the Venice Lagoon, providing a natural panorama that extends to the majestic Dolomites. Here, privacy and exclusivity are paramount, ensuring an exclusive experience.

Happy hour is an elegant and refined experience, featuring a brand new cocktail list for the summer of 2023. On weekends, live DJ sets create a unique atmosphere for relaxation and enjoyment of cocktails inspired by international flavors and mixology. A special section is dedicated to gin, the Gin Bar, with spirits that embrace fruity, spicy, delicate, and intense aromas.

Tacco11 American Bar is the result of a deep passion for creating extraordinary places where something special is always happening. Each aperitif and cocktail tells the identity of the place and the territory, embracing trends and innovations in international mixology. A place where beauty and experience blend in a perfect union.

We await you at Tacco11 Sky Bar, Via Dante Alighieri, 46, Lido di Jesolo, or you can call us at 3922557069. Discover the magic of the seventh heaven in Jesolo. 🍸🌅🏙️

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.