A lifetime of holidays in Jesolo.

Bambini e genitori felici con l'animazione e i divertimenti infiniti di Jesolo e dell'Hotel Germania!

A lifetime of holidays in Jesolo.

Holidays in Jesolo: days that color our lives. ✨

To be an integral part of a place as beloved and cherished as the Hotel Germania in Jesolo, which, with its enduring spirit, has enchanted generations of visitors, offers truly special experiences.

These events, filled with sweetness, invite us to embrace life with joy and carefreeness, to recognize the inherent beauty that pervades human beings, and to celebrate the constant succession of generations in a lively and contagious manner, like the waves dancing on the shore in an eternal game of joy and vitality.

But let me tell you: a few days ago, this lovely girl, or perhaps I should say this lovely woman, came to visit me.

I hadn’t seen her in person for a few years, although I followed her days and her life on social media, at least for the part she shares.”

Bambini felici con l'animazione e i divertimenti infiniti di Jesolo e dell'Hotel Germania!

Meeting loved ones on vacation.

Seeing her in person lit up, like a light switch, a mountain of countless memories: the child, the teenage girl, whose body was increasingly transforming into what I now had in front of me.

And along with that, her character, her personality: a wonderful person, always positive, sunny, with a big smile that lit up her face and even made her eyes shine.

You see, the very fact of having guests who have over time become dear friends, who come back every year, who send you holiday wishes, call you, involve you in the adventures and events of their lives, is what laid the foundation for this beautiful encounter and the subsequent reflections.

Bambini felici con l'animazione e i divertimenti infiniti di Jesolo e dell'Hotel Germania!

An hotel, the Germania, full of colors, life, and a beautiful future!

Things like this almost never happen in those hotels where the customer is just passing through: they come in, take the room key, spend the night, and then, after paying, disappear into the mist from which they came.

In those places, you only see backlit figures, silhouettes of humanity, each with their own story, family, past, aspirations, and dreams somehow still intact.

But you don’t even have the opportunity to glimpse their real, vibrant contours, devoid of the loneliness that emanates from those places.

The hotel, in many cases, is just a transient bed, a place to seek shelter from the elements and take a shower.

This image is further reinforced by the unfortunate habit of furnishing many city hotels in a cold, informal manner, lacking any sense of a homey vibe, warmth, or emotionally comforting atmosphere.

It’s as if those traveling for business don’t need to bring with them or find an environment that makes them feel protected, rich, filled with the colors and vibrations of family, friends, and cherished things…

In these hotels, it’s rarely possible to catch a glimpse of the stories and destinies behind those unknown faces.

City hotels often display a cold and impersonal decor, devoid of the welcoming and warmth that make you feel at home, surrounded by the colors and familiar vibes.

But that’s how it goes…

The Germania in Jesolo, where vacation rhymes with happiness...😘

No, at the Hotel Germania, the style is completely different, and for many reasons: the length of the stay, the fact that people come here for vacation very often (even though the habit of booking for remote work or finding an oasis of beauty, versatility, and inspiration in the myriad beauties that surround us in Jesolo is beginning to spread).

And here, there are a thousand celebrations, joy, genuine laughter, many opportunities to be together and cultivate new friendships: from group gymnastics to performances in the small Theater of Time, to eBike rides exploring the area, from end-of-stay celebrations to award ceremonies, and so on…

So here at the Germania (and in Jesolo) it’s easy, well-received and appreciated to strengthen the social part of our nature, the part that brings us closer, fosters friendships, and shares moments of joy, aspirations, and future projects.

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Yet, to see before me that child I had photographed so many times, now grown into an adult woman with her own social role, traveling, studying, discovering the world… it sparked numerous thoughts and reflections, as you can well imagine.

These thoughts are partly filled with joy: in a way, you even feel responsible and pleased with the beautiful ‘outcome’ that has emerged, the result of this person, like a bud of a flower whose colors you had an inkling of, but which now, in full bloom, shows you its myriad shades, forms, and scents…

Clearly, having those vacation experiences at the Germania, in the festivities, games, in the constant camaraderie and friendship, has in some measure contributed to shaping her personality and character.

Bambini e genitori felici con l'animazione e i divertimenti infiniti di Jesolo e dell'Hotel Germania!

But there is also a subtle, gentle, and even sweet melancholy in seeing with my own eyes time progressing, leading us to intense moments of happiness – and here at the Germania, we truly experience many of them – but it proceeds without pause, makes room for new arrivals, and slowly guides all of us elsewhere.

This is how I embraced this dear woman who came to visit me while passing through this part of Veneto.

I wrapped her in my arms, ideally extending this gesture to all the children I see every year, to the men and women who have already become, or will become shortly.

I hugged them because they, too, have added colors, joy, and happiness to my life. They, too, have contributed to giving it meaning, just as we at the Germania have added some color to their future.

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Bambini e genitori felici con l'animazione e i divertimenti infiniti di Jesolo e dell'Hotel Germania!

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