What to do in Jesolo during the vibrant Christmas and New Year’s holidays

Per le feste di natale e Capodanno 2024 a Jesolo tanti concerti, musica, festa, allegria, con DJs, famosi artisti e spettacolari esibizioni! Scegli un appartamento all'Hotel Germania ed esci a divertirti!

What to do in Jesolo during the vibrant Christmas and New Year’s holidays

Plenty of sparkling things to do for the Christmas holidays in Jesolo!

As the colorful embrace of autumn envelops Jesolo, the city is gearing up to celebrate the Christmas holidays and the New Year with enthusiasm and joy, offering an overflowing calendar of events that warm the hearts and brighten the eyes of young and old alike! 🎶⛸️

Jesolo transforms into a magical and colorful world, where the festive atmosphere is palpable everywhere.

Tante cose da fare per le feste di natale e Capodanno a Jesolo. Scegli un appartamento all'Hotel germania ed esci a divertirti!

Christmas is the perfect time to gather at the Hotel Germania in Jesolo, a cozy haven that becomes the ideal starting point for an unforgettable Christmas adventure.

From here, you can set out to explore sparkling Christmas markets, immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Christmas concerts 🎶, skate on ice rinks ⛸️, and admire the majestic sand sculptures of Jesolo Sand Nativity.

This is the place where the celebration comes to life! 🌟

Hotel Germania is more than just accommodation; it’s your refuge during the holidays, surrounded by friends and loved ones, ready to share unforgettable moments.

Days can be spent on Christmas shopping 🛍️, excursions to Venice 🏛️, or beach jogging 🏄, but in the evening, you’ll return to your cozy apartment, ready to welcome you and the warmth of Christmas that you’ve absorbed. 🎄

This is the season of hope, optimism, and joy, and at Hotel Germania, you can embrace it all in a contagious Christmas spirit.

May your Christmas be bright, warm, and full of emotions, in the company of those you hold dear. 🌠🎁

The Christmas Village:
a place of light, decorations, and holiday sweets at the year-end festivities.

The Jesolo Christmas Village, a charming village of wooden cottages, stands along Via Silvio Trentin, from Piazza Mazzini to Piazza Aurora in Jesolo, from December 1, 2023, to January 7, 2024.

Here, you can find unique Christmas items, gourmet delicacies, and culinary delights, while performances and entertainment for both young and old create a truly special atmosphere.

For your wonderful stay in Jesolo (Venice) during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays in 2024, book an apartment at the Germania Suite Hotel!

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The Spectacular Ice Nativity Scene in Jesolo: Light and Reflections for Your Christmas!

Throughout the spectacular Christmas and the upcoming New Year’s festivities in 2024, the bustling heart of Piazza I Maggio in Jesolo will transform into an enchanted world as we prepare to welcome a group of extraordinary artists ready to bring to life the ‘Ice Nativity Scene,’ an event that will captivate everyone’s imagination.

Now in its third edition, this extraordinary show will turn the historic center into a marvelous work of art.

Inside a vast tensile structure, surrounded by huge refrigerated showcases, approximately 70 massive ice blocks, each weighing around 125 kilograms, will be placed, maintained at incredibly cold temperatures, ranging from 10 to 14 degrees below zero.

The dedication of professional artists specialized in ice sculpture will be evident in every single detail of these frozen works of art.

A grand arch dedicated to the Ice Nativity Scene will rise majestically at the entrance of the setup area, marking the passage to a world of enchantment and wonder that only these sculptures can convey.

Every figure, every detail, will have the power to convey the magic of Christmas, capturing the gazes and hearts of visitors.

It will be an unforgettable experience for tens of thousands of visitors who, like every year, will gather in Piazza I Maggio to be part of this extraordinary event.

These artists, led by artistic director David Ducharme, will transform ice into pure visual poetry, filling the air with the scent of art and hope, bringing Christmas into the hearts of all.

It will be a moment of joy, an ode to creativity and celebration, an experience that unites us in this magical Christmas spirit.

Jesolo Sand Nativity
The Magic That Touches Your Heart!

But the true magic of Christmas and the New Year festivities unfolds with the extraordinary Jesolo Sand Nativity, an exhibition of sand sculptures that has even enchanted Pope Francis.

From December 3, 2023, to February 4, 2024, in Piazza Brescia, you will admire works created by 14 professional sculptors from all over the world.

This year’s theme is ‘In the Footsteps of Francis of Assisi,’ celebrating the eight-hundredth anniversary of the nativity scene of San Francesco in Greccio.

These works represent the most significant moments in the life of Saint Francis of Assisi and are the result of a precious collaboration with the Sacred Convent of San Francesco.

The openings are events not to be missed: on December 2, at 6:00 PM, the doors of Jesolo Sand Nativity in Piazza Brescia will open, and on December 8, it will be the turn of the Sand Nativity at the Basilica of Assisi.

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Jesolo is an image of Christmas, of close hearts, of the brightest and most serene peace!

Per le feste di natale e Capodanno a Jesolo scopri la spettacolare scultura lignea dell’artista Marco Martalar. Scegli un appartamento all'Hotel Germania ed esci a divertirti!

And to add a touch of emotion, the exhibition is enriched by ‘Il Grido,’ an imposing wooden sculpture by Marco Martalar, representing the strength of nature and resilience.

But the festivities are not complete without music!

On Saturday, December 16, at the Vivaldi Theater, the Villa Lobos Cello Orchestra will perform a prestigious concert.

Featuring compositions by Hector Villa-Lobos, Johann Sebastian Bach, Astor Piazzolla, and others, this performance will be an extraordinary experience, and admission is free!

Jesolo Incantatus
The Magic of Harry Potter to Enchant the Kids!

Per le feste di natale e Capodanno a Jesolo scopri la magica bottega degli incantesimi di Harry Potter a Hogwarts! Scegli un appartamento all'Hotel Germania ed esci a divertirti!

In December, even Piazza Marconi will transform into a realm full of magic and secret enchantments with ‘Jesolo Incantatus’: an imposing structure with suspended lines will bring to life the mythical Hogwarts Castle, hosting fascinating recreations of the world of Harry Potter.

The magic doesn’t stop there; enchanting scenery outside will capture everyone’s imagination.

This event is a must-see for fans of the extraordinary saga born from the vivid imagination of British author J.K. Rowling.

From December 17 to January 7, shows and magic and illusionism workshops will take place under the guidance of experienced artists and actors, offering an experience dedicated to the youngest but also captivating those who are young at heart.

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the holiday season and the New Year in Jesolo! 🎄🎁🌠

Christmas in Music, Celebration, and Art
Sharing and Joy in Jesolo!

On January 4, 2024, the Church of SS. Liberale and Mauro will be the stage for the traditional “Christmas in Music” concert.

Students and teachers from the Monteverdi School of Music in Jesolo will enchant the evening with Christmas carols and classical pieces, featuring the participation of the Vocal Ensemble “Monteverdi New and Young Voices.”

It’s a unique experience to share with your family and loved ones.

And the musical festivities in Jesolo continue!

The holiday season will be filled with sparkling events, ready to enchant us and make the Christmas atmosphere shine like never before.

On December 9, the little ones will be captivated by the magic of “Life and Adventures of Santa Claus,” a special show designed just for them.

The wonders don’t stop there!

On December 8, get ready for an unforgettable night with the return of the “Christmas Gala” at the Vivaldi Theater, a dance performance involving local talents that promises to captivate the audience from 6:00 PM.

Then, on December 16, the stage at Vivaldi will shine with notes and harmony thanks to the Villa Lobos Cello Orchestra, as part of the International Music Festival of the Veneto.

It will be a concert to remember for a long time!

Furthermore, on December 17, get ready for an extraordinary fusion of dance and theater with “Opera in a Nutshell,” a mix of artistic genres that will capture your heart.

And let’s not forget the artistic events: “The Elegance of Art” is an exhibition dedicated to contemporary art that will make the Kursaal Congress Center shine until December 24.

New Year's Concert in Jesolo
Intense and Sparkling Joy!

Music will be the soundtrack of our holidays, with the gospel concert that will resonate with every sensitive soul on December 20th at Teatro Vivaldi, followed by two other unmissable appointments on December 29th and January 3rd.

Furthermore, on December 26th, there will be the classic Christmas Concert, and on December 28th, at Teatro Vivaldi, the Aurora Wind Band will have us dancing to a repertoire from the Seventies, Eighties, and Nineties.

It will be a celebration of music and joy!

These events will unite us in an explosion of celebration and happiness, filling our hearts with the Christmas spirit.

We can’t wait to celebrate these extraordinary holidays together with you! 🎄🎉🎶

And don’t miss the traditional event on January 1st, 2024: get ready for the “New Year’s Concert” at Teatro Vivaldi.

Luca Minnelli, known as the “Venetian Bocelli,” will be the star, along with his band.

It’s going to be an exceptional concert that will kick off the new year with style, featuring a mix of international and Italian songs.

These sparkling events are a unique opportunity to celebrate the holidays in an atmosphere of joy, share special moments with family and friends, and welcome the new year with hope and optimism.

Don’t miss this opportunity for joy and celebration in Jesolo!

Per le feste di natale e Capodanno 2024 a Jesolo tanti concerti, musica, festa, allegria, con DJs, famosi artisti e spettacolari esibizioni! Scegli un appartamento all'Hotel Germania ed esci a divertirti!

Hooray for 2024!

Jesolo is synonymous with celebration and fun, and the New Year’s Eve nights of 2023 promise to be even more spectacular!

Jesolo is getting ready to welcome thousands of people eager to bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the arrival of New Year’s 2024, celebrating together in style!

As usual, the heart of the party will be Piazza Mazzini in the center of Jesolo, where a multitude of people will gather for the countdown, after enjoying the traditional New Year’s Eve dinner in the city’s restaurants and pizzerias, which will open their doors with extra brilliance for the occasion.

The wait for midnight will be enlivened by a sparkling party in Piazza Mazzini, featuring music, dancing, and infectious joy.

In recent years, the event has been presented and sponsored by famous national radio stations, with live broadcasts from other Italian squares and the presence of special guests.

After the fireworks, the exchange of greetings, and the toast to the beginning of 2024, the party for the young crowd will continue in the bars and nightclubs of Jesolo, with music that will keep everyone dancing until dawn.

Don’t forget that many of Jesolo’s famous summer clubs will open specially to celebrate New Year’s Eve, offering a night of dancing and toasting in honor of the new year.

Others may opt for a quieter pub or venue, while some may conclude the evening with a walk along Via Bafile, weather permitting, immersing themselves in the winter atmosphere.

Whatever your choice, the positive energy, the joy, and the desire to start the new year with friends and loved ones, filled with fun and serenity, will always be at the heart of this sparkling celebration in Jesolo! 🥂🎉🕺💫

Fun, DJs, artists, toasts,
and lots of celebration! ✨✨✨

After the triumphant success of last year, New Year’s Eve in Piazza Kennedy, Jesolo, makes its return in an even larger and more spectacular version!

The moment for toasting to say “goodbye” to the old year and welcoming the new one will take place at the foot of a massive stage, where live DJs and artists will perform, promising an extraordinary atmosphere.

But the party doesn’t end there!

In addition to the magical New Year’s Eve, this vast area will also be the epicenter of entertainment on January 1st, starting in the afternoon and continuing until 10:00 PM.

It will be a perfect opportunity to prolong the holiday joy and start the new year with extraordinary music and entertainment.

We can’t wait to celebrate the transition to 2024 with all of you in this spectacular event! 🥳🎉🎵✨

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