Finally on vacation in Jesolo together with the kids!

Mamma con bambini nella spiaggia privata dell'Hotel Germania di Jesolo.

Finally on vacation in Jesolo together with the kids!

On vacation in Italy,
everything gets filled with color...

Together, at last.

The weeks and months of an entire year slip away, like sand between the fingers, does that happen to you too?

Work, rushing around, traffic, those institutional “duties” that leave us exhausted by evening, with just the desire to go to sleep.

But there’s someone, someone we love more than ourselves, who often suffers from it.

From our lack of time, from the smiles that, overwhelmed by a thousand tasks, arrive late, or are so tired that they fall asleep on the pillow before saying goodnight.

Bimbi a casa che giocano sul divano

Our children.
Yes, on vacation together!

Those who bring joy to our lives and make us worry, who make us laugh and cry, who carry an entire world in their eyes, and, blessed them, are never tired!

An important space throughout the year to be with them, rediscover them when our minds are free, when stress doesn’t gnaw away at every minute of the day, when we don’t have to shop, don’t have to prepare dinner, when we can finally relax and be ourselves: the vacation!

Sacred, I would say, for us, but especially for our children and our relationship with them.

Bambini bimbi che giocano nel mare di Jesolo, in vacanza.

On vacation, everything gets filled with color, even the days with slightly uncertain weather, when we can take the opportunity to read a beautiful story together out loud, perhaps taking turns with the children, if they are of school age, turning reading together into a moment of closeness and, at the same time, a playful and engaging exercise.

During vacation, everything gets filled with color, in fact, everything regains color, just like the skin.

That kind of grayish veil disappears, and there’s only us, with those who really matter: our children.

It’s important for them to accompany playtime with the development of skills, both manual and social. It strengthens them, reassures them, but above all, it entertains them.

At Germania, we are very attentive to all of this: in fact, we have planned art workshops, cooking sessions, laughter all together, and simple yet always effective fun.

Bambini nella spiaggia privata del Germania, a Jesolo, assieme agli animatori.

Children learn by playing, we know that; they learn to confront, to win, to lose, and to overcome themselves and their fears.

They learn to be with everyone, to share, to prepare for the future through smiles and moments of happiness.

…And us?

We stay close to them, accompanying them along the way.

In the evening, before sleeping, we have them share their emotions during the vacation days, and perhaps we promise ourselves to continue exploring new ways to learn to live while having fun with them.

It will do a lot of good for the kids, but especially for us parents because it will be wonderful, even when the vacation is over and the beach is just a memory, to still see that sea inside their eyes, in the form of indelible, beautiful memories.

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.