The gastronomic delights of the Jesolo area.

Il ricchissimo territorio di Jesolo, con spiagge, mare pulito e una natura generosa.

The gastronomic delights of the Jesolo area.

When you eat well... and healthy, in Jesolo!

Usually, just by hearing the name Jesolo, our minds are flooded with images of sunshine, long beaches, dazzling parties, events, joy, and sports…

Basically, everything that evokes and associates with the fantastic, highly anticipated, exciting… summer!

Well, I must tell you that this is a representation, if not inaccurate, at least reductive, incomplete, extremely incomplete!

Think about it… While on vacation, not only do you have fun, but you also find delightful little restaurants, hotels with cuisine appreciated by all (like the Germania, if you read the numerous positive reviews on Trip Advisor).

All these flavors, these enchanting dishes that you appreciate so much, undoubtedly owe a good deal of credit to the skilled hands of chefs and gastronomy enthusiasts.

But the foundation of all the best dishes you taste is, as you might have already guessed, the excellent, genuine ingredients.

Around Jesolo, in fact, there are companies that have rightfully taken up an important niche in their respective sectors.

Some specialize in the production of innovative, exclusive, ever-more-desirable items. Others show incredible care in growing products from the land without any use of fertilizers or chemical pesticides. Instead, they use what Mother Nature has already provided to nourish and protect her delicious fruits.

So, in the Jesolo area, you’ll find renowned organic agricultural productions, exceptional distilleries of grappas and liqueurs, and chocolate shops where it’s impossible to resist the myriad tempting treats on display.

Il ricchissimo territorio di Jesolo, con spiagge, mare pulito e una natura generosa.

We, at Hotel Germania, know our beautiful territory very well.

In 2021, we even added guided e-bike tours as part of our offerings to our guests, allowing them to discover the beauty and charm this land has to offer.

But we also have a deep understanding of each individual producer. For years, we’ve been selecting the best, those who combine flavors and quality with a constant, loving care for everything they sell.

So when you’re here at Germania, when you exchange those pleasantly surprised glances, those comments of goodness among yourselves, all that gesturing that usually accompanies a great meal, remember that, in addition to the skill of our chef, you’re also enjoying the work, passion, and skill of these fantastic local producers.

And if you want to share these flavors with your loved ones, those who stayed home, it’s even easier today: at Germania, you’ll find many of these delicious items for sale.

Because a truly wonderful vacation, as I’ve always said, is much more than just beach and sea!

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.