The delightful city of Treviso

Una gita a Treviso. Prenota per il tuo soggiorno l'Hotel Germania di Jesolo.

The delightful city of Treviso

A trip to... Treviso!

Jesolo and Hotel Germania are the perfect starting point for dozens of beautiful excursions in the rich territory of Eastern Veneto.

Here’s a short one that will fill your heart with delightful and intense suggestions: a whole day in the charming Treviso.

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A little gem
that brightens your heart!

Treviso city is an ideal destination for a day trip.

The historic center with its canals full of reflections and suggestions, enclosed within partly perfectly preserved city walls, exudes a truly unique charm.

Winding alleys, picturesque corners, squares and houses, ancient bubbling water wheels, and extensive arcades along the rivers make a visit to Treviso a special experience.

The best way to get to know the city is by taking a leisurely walk, wandering through the numerous small streets, and absorbing the city’s atmosphere.

The 3 canals that flow through this historic center are the Cagnan Grande, the Cagnan dei Buranelli (the most picturesque), and the Roggia.

Among frescoed medieval palaces, bright and elegant shops, the vibrant life of this beautiful and rich city!

What to see
in the City of Treviso

Treviso isn’t large; it can be sufficiently explored in a whole day.

However, it’s full of small wonders, all worth seeing and taking along in the album of beautiful memories…

Here they are:

• Piazza dei Signori

Piazza dei Signori in Treviso has always been the social hub and the elegant meeting place for the locals. On this elegant, welcoming, and well-maintained square, there are graceful arcades, restaurants, bars with their tables, shops, and boutiques.

Piazza dei Signori a Treviso. Prenota l'hotel Germania di Jesolo per il tuo soggiorno.

• The Palazzo dei Trecento in Treviso

Built in 1210, it overlooks Piazza dei Signori and takes its name from the 300 members of the Municipal Council. With its red brick arches, it still hosts municipal council meetings today and is one of the most significant examples of Romanesque architecture in the city.

• Palazzo del Podestà and Torre Civica in Treviso

The building was constructed in the 13th century and has been reconstructed several times. It was the seat of the Podestà, who by law could not be from Treviso or neighboring towns, hence did not have a home and moved there with their entire entourage.

• Calmaggiore and the Fontana delle Tette in Treviso

Rich with elegant shops, it leads from Piazza dei Signori to Piazza Duomo, historically connecting Treviso’s political heart to its religious one.

Calmaggiore e la Fontana delle Tette. Prenota l'hotel Germania di Jesolo per il tuo soggiorno.

• The Church of San Nicolò in Treviso

The largest church in the city and certainly worth a visit is the Church of San Nicolò, built in the 12th century by the Dominican friars through the endowments of Benedetto XI.

San Niccolò a Treviso. Prenota l'Hotel Germania di Jesolo.

• The Walls and Waterways of Treviso

The ancient Tarvisium of Roman times was surrounded by a defensive wall from the time of its foundation, and these walls have always protected the city. Today, some sections of the walls can be visited, and until recently, entry into the city was possible only through three gates: Porta San Tommaso, Porta Santi Quaranta, and Porta Altinia.

Le mura antiche a Treviso. Prenota l'Hotel Germania di Jesolo.

• Pescheria Island in Treviso

Pescheria Island takes its name from the fish market that takes place here every morning. It is located right in the center of Treviso, on the Cagnan Grando river, and is connected to the city center via two bridges that can be crossed on foot or by bicycle.

L'Isola della Pescheria a Treviso. Prenota l'Hotel Germania di Jesolo.

• The Santa Caterina Complex in Treviso

The Santa Caterina complex is the main hub of the network of Civic Museums in Treviso. The complex includes the church and the convent, recently restored.

Il complesso di Santa Caterina a Treviso. Prenota l'Hotel Germania di Jesolo.

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