JMuseo: The beautiful city museum of Jesolo!

"La terra dei giganti", una delle esposizioni più rilevanti e complete al mondo riguardo ai dinosauri.

JMuseo: The beautiful city museum of Jesolo!

Three extraordinary exhibitions
at the JMuseo in Jesolo!

il JMuseo, il nuovo gioiello culturale della città di Jesolo

The JMuseo, the new cultural jewel of the city of Jesolo, was inaugurated with a solemn ceremony attended by Mayor Christofer De Zotti, the President of Jesolo Turismo, Eleonora Baldo, and Flavio Rumiato, President of the association A.R.C.A. 113 Ecologico Onlus.

The official opening of the JMuseo coincides with the presentation of the first three extraordinary exhibitions that will captivate visitors on two levels in the coming months.

On the first floor, visitors can admire ‘The Land of Giants,’ one of the world’s most significant and comprehensive exhibitions about dinosaurs.

A captivating tour, rich in life-sized reconstructions, paleontological artifacts, and impressive scenography, accompanied by visual and acoustic effects. Additionally, there’s a special section dedicated to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

On the third floor, you’ll find fascinating photo exhibitions titled ‘Jesolo Yesterday: Emotions, Nostalgia, Memories. From the early 20th century to the 1960s’ and ‘Jesolo Tomorrow: Excellences, Visions, Future.’

Through the reproduction of old postcards, contributions from personalities, and innovative perspectives, these exhibitions narrate the history of Jesolo up to the present day, providing a captivating glimpse into the future.

JMuseo, the new
jewel of Jesolo

L'apertura ufficiale del JMuseo coincide con l'esposizione delle prime tre straordinarie mostre che, nei prossimi mesi, incanteranno i visitatori su due livelli.

During the summer in Jesolo, the museum will be open from Tuesday to Sunday from 18:00 to 23:00, providing the opportunity to enjoy the exhibitions in the evening.

During the winter, starting from September 12th, the opening hours will be from Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 18:00.

JMuseo remains closed on Mondays, but extraordinary openings are scheduled in case of bad weather during the summer.

Regarding admission prices: The ticket price for adults is 7.50 euros, while children up to 10 years old pay 5 euros.

Admission is free for children under one meter in height, for people with disabilities, and their companions.

For school groups, individual tickets are available at a price of 2.50 euros.

Finally, adults residing in the municipality of Jesolo can visit the museum for 5 euros, while for resident children up to 10 years old, the cost is 2.50 euros.

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The sweetest holidays!
"La terra dei giganti", una delle esposizioni più rilevanti e complete al mondo riguardo ai dinosauri.

It starts with THE WORLD OF GIANTS: one of the most significant and comprehensive fossil exhibitions worldwide, offering an incredible journey into the past to discover the dinosaurs, these long-extinct creatures that existed millions of years ago.

The gigantic reptiles, rulers of the Jurassic era, are undoubtedly the main stars of The World of Giants at the JMUSEUM in Jesolo.

THE WORLD OF GIANTS is an immersive tour through life-sized reconstructions, paleontological finds, and fabulous scenarios, accompanied by visual and acoustic effects.

An exhibition that surprises and moves!

However, that’s not all: At this vibrant opening, the JMuseo also presented a journey into the past, albeit more recent, delving into the nostalgia and emotions of what we once were: Jesolo Yesterday: Emotions, Nostalgia, Memories. From the early 20th century to the 1960s.

An exhibition that, with large graphic panels, images, and videos featuring qualified ‘testimonials,’ presents a selection, a summary, and some examples of strengths, themes, and excellences contributing to the image and popularity of this highly sought-after destination in European tourism today.

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