Jesolo for Children: stories and wonders at the theater!

Teatro a Jesolo per i bambini! La fantasia che accende il loro futuro!

Jesolo for Children: stories and wonders at the theater!

Jesolo, children's imagination in the wonders of fairy tales and theater!✨

Welcome to the captivating world of children’s theater in Jesolo, where winter Sundays turn into a magical tapestry of extraordinary adventures and wide-eyed dreams!

Picture the young audience immersed in enchanted tales of Peter Pan, Santa Claus, the Turtle, and Sleeping Beauty.

Their eyes gleam with excitement and wonder as they get lost in adventurous tales, smiling and dreaming with open eyes.

These shows aren’t just entertaining; they serve as healing balms for children’s souls! Each performance is a journey that sparks imagination, enhances creativity, and nurtures the development of an inquisitive and open mind.

More than just entertainment, it’s an experience that will shape their intellectual growth and emotional maturity.

The Children's Theater,
in Jesolo!✨

Il Teatro dei Bambini,a Jesolo!

Every Sunday, in the winter heart of Jesolo, young spectators will have the opportunity to ignite the spark of their imagination and develop a deeper understanding of the universal values encapsulated in these enchanting stories.

Come be a part of this world of theatrical magic that nurtures the soul and lights up the smiles of our young audience!

Are you ready for the most magical Sundays at the Vivaldi Theater in Jesolo?

A spectacular theater review awaits you with astounding stories for this winter season!

All adventures begin at 4:00 PM! Don’t miss out!

Discover the schedule of theater shows to entertain children!

Adventure, magic, and fun don’t end here: discover the numerous activities, places, shows, and locations of Jesolo for Kids.

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Peter Pan
November 26

Welcome to the enchanting world of PETER PAN!

At the Febo Theater, starting from November 26, immerse yourself in a unique experience where the magic of J.M. Barrie’s story merges with boundless creativity, transporting both young and old on an extraordinary journey.

In this special rendition, three talented actors transform stage props into magical instruments, bringing forth a universe of games and adventures materializing before your eyes.

Yes, you heard it right: the entire room transforms into a fantastic realm thanks to the power of imagination!
There’s no limit to the incredible power of fantasy, much like Peter Pan, who, with a simple thought, creates sumptuous feasts and exotic delights.

The soundtrack? A unique live experience: Beatles melodies come to life through rearranged and rewritten covers exclusively for this performance. An engaging symphony that will transport the entire audience into a unique and captivating sound world.

This show is a perfect blend of entertainment and poetry, designed to capture the hearts and attention of both young and old. An extraordinary journey where carefree moments intertwine with touching ones, offering timeless emotions to every spectator.

Don’t miss the chance to be transported into an engaging and magical adventure that tickles the souls of children and rekindles the spirit of childhood in adults.

Come and immerse yourself in the enchanted atmosphere of PETER PAN, where every dream is possible, and every heart is destined to soar high in the sky!

Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
December 9

Tante cose luccicanti da fare per le feste natalizie a Jesolo!

In an enchanted forest, populated by fairy creatures and playful spirits, a beautiful nymph lovingly takes care of the young Claus.

Through the long, cold winters, the boy spends his time marveling at the forest animals and the magical inhabitants who dwell within it.

His curiosity drives him to replicate their forms using wood and clay, creating representations that capture the beauty of the surrounding environment.

When Claus realizes that one of his gifts has brought joy to a child’s heart, his perspective changes.

Growing up, he decides to dedicate his life to bringing smiles to the faces of children in every village, spreading happiness through his simple yet significant gifts…

The children's enjoyment comes through their emotional growth and imagination!

Imagine glittering winter Sundays, where children’s smiles resonate louder than words themselves: that’s what will happen in Jesolo with the extraordinary theater festival for the little ones!

Peter Pan will soar onto the stage, Santa Claus will burst with joy, and Turtle and Sleeping Beauty will present gripping stories that will make the little ones’ hearts beat fast.

Anyone who has seen the sparkle in a child’s eyes while experiencing the adventures of theater characters knows how precious it is. In addition to entertainment, these shows fuel their creativity, shape their understanding of the world, and encourage healthy growth in intelligence and maturity.

Yes, it’s not just about shows here: it’s a fundamental experience to ignite children’s imagination and make them dream with eyes wide open!

Get ready for astounding stories that will make the gray Sundays vanish and make every corner of Jesolo shine with joy because when it comes to fun and growth, these shows are the perfect antidote to winter boredom!

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The Dream of Turtle
January 14, 2024

Il Teatro pe ri Bambini a Jesolo, spettacoli che accendono la fantasia, divertono, aiutano a crescere bene.

On January 14, 2024, a magical date for the little ones, ‘The Dream of Turtle’ comes to life in Jesolo by Baule Volante. An event recommended for children aged 4 to 10.

The story draws inspiration from an African tale that features the animals of the savannah, all embodied through incredible live animated puppets.

Turtle, one night, has an extraordinary dream: a marvelous tree where all the fruits of the world sprout, hidden in a secret place. Excitedly, Turtle shares the dream with the other animals, but only the monkey, amidst laughter and mockery, decides to embark on the journey to find this tree.

Yet, its words linger: ‘Wait! I will go, you’re too slow!’

This African tale is an ode to patience and trusting in dreams, reminding us that believing wholeheartedly is the first step to achieving them, without haste.

The story is conveyed through remarkable animated puppets, vibrant incarnations of the savannah animals.

The live melodies, immersed in African rhythms and instruments, unleash a contagious energy, involving spectators of all ages in an exciting and engaging journey.

Sleeping Beauty
January 28, 2024

We’re there! On January 28, 2024, an unmissable date for the little dreamers, ‘Sleeping Beauty’ comes to life at the Vivaldi Theater in Jesolo by the theater company La Piccionaia, conceived by Gianni Franceschini. This show is recommended for children aged 3 and up.

Imagine an enchanting ‘Fairy Circus,’ where a clown, dressed in red and white, becomes the narrator of the famous tale of ‘Sleeping Beauty.’

“Sleeping Beauty” is a well-known fairy tale, known in various versions. In short, the story tells of a princess who, due to a curse by an evil witch, falls into a deep sleep for many years. Only a true love’s kiss can awaken her. During her long sleep, a dense forest of brambles and bushes grows around the castle where she is imprisoned.

Despite the sadness and danger, her fate changes when a brave and in-love prince, driven by the prophecy of his future, ventures into the enchanted castle. Overcoming obstacles and thorns, the prince reaches the princess and, with a sincere kiss, breaks the spell. The princess awakens along with the castle and all who reside there, ending the curse and living happily ever after with her true love.

But here, the tale becomes even more magical: the fairy tale comes to life through projected images, videos, drawings, and animations, engaging every young spectator in a fairy-tale world.

The clown doesn’t merely narrate the story but transforms it into an immersive experience, using animated figures, theatrical performances, disguises, and moments of active participation, making each instant unforgettable.

Get ready to immerse yourself in an enchanted adventure, where music accompanies the narration and the enchantment of the fairy tale blends with audience engagement.

It’s a perfect opportunity to bring smiles to the youngest and take them on journeys through worlds of wonder and fantasy.

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Teatro a Jesolo per i bambini! La fantasia che accende il loro futuro!

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