Jesolo, a Calendar of Extraordinary Events!

Callas Callas Callas! Il meraviglioso balletto che celebra la grande cantante lirica, a Jesolo!

Jesolo, a Calendar of Extraordinary Events!

🌟 Welcome to Jesolo: The Pulsating Heart of Entertainment! 🎉

Jesolo è il centro di spettacoli, divertimenti, teatri, concerti, eventi sportivi, mille ristoranti, discoteche, bistrot e lo shopping più alla moda.

The sun shines, the sea waves cradle the golden sand, and Jesolo’s vibrant atmosphere is ready to welcome you into a whirlwind of exciting events!

From gripping theatrical performances to unforgettable concerts, and adrenaline-pumping sports competitions, Jesolo transforms into a magical stage ready to provide extraordinary experiences.

🚀 In Jesolo, Discover a Calendar Full of Extraordinary Events!

Jesolo is gearing up to amaze you with a calendar full of exceptional events that will keep you on the edge of your seat for months!

Whether you’re a running enthusiast, a music lover, or eager to laugh until tears stream down, there’s something for everyone in the vibrant setting of Jesolo.

Experience the Exciting Beat of Jesolo! 🌟

Concerts, sports, theater, music...
A thousand things to do and see in Jesolo 🌴

Jesolo è il centro di spettacoli, divertimenti, teatri, concerti, eventi sportivi, mille ristoranti, discoteche, bistrot e lo shopping più alla moda.

Are you ready for a whirlwind of emotions and fun in the splendid setting of Jesolo? This isn’t just a list of events but an invitation to immerse yourself in the irresistible energy of a city, Jesolo, that knows how to make its guests’ hearts beat faster.

🚀 Jesolo’s Stage: Where fun, surprise, and spectacle come to life!

Jesolo is more than a destination: it’s an experience!

With months of irresistible events on the horizon, the vibrant atmosphere and the promise of unforgettable moments are ready to captivate you.

Let yourself be drawn into the irresistible charm of Jesolo, where every day is a unique adventure.

Discover the numerous activities, entertainment venues, museums, things to do, and parks to entertain the children!

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Jennifer Phillips & Dario Dal Molin Band
25 Nov 23

Jennifer Phillips & Dario Dal Molin Band

Jennifer Phillips, one of the most famous singers from the United Kingdom, brings the soulful sounds of gospel R&B to Jesolo with her incredible and moving voice.

On November 25th, the Teatro Vivaldi comes alive with the powerful notes of gospel R&B brought by Jennifer Phillips, one of the UK’s most celebrated voices: Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Beyoncé, and Whitney Houston in her rich repertoire.

Songs that the entire audience knows and can sing along to, thanks to Jennifer’s great ability to engage.

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🎄 Handcrafted Nativity Scenes at JMuseo
1 Dec - 28 Jan

I Presepi Artigianali al JMuseo di Jesolo.

Agostino Busanel’s handcrafted Nativity scenes will be exhibited at JMuseo from Friday, December 1st, 2023, to Sunday, January 28th, 2024.

A passionate Nativity scene artisan for years, Maestro Busanel collaborates with the group from the Parish of San Giovanni Battista.

The exhibition will also feature a large Nativity scene from the Church of Jesolo Paese. The inauguration will take place on Friday, December 1st, at 5:30 PM. Admission fee applies.

The ticket to access JMUSEO allows for a visit to the Civic Museum of Natural History and the exhibition Jesolo Yesterday-Jesolo Tomorrow, showcasing historical postcards of Jesolo’s past and future.

🎭 Oblivion Tutorial
December 3rd

Lo spettacolo di Oblivion Tuttorial a Jesolo

The Oblivion Tuttorial invite you to a space-time of satire and entertainment, a true compass through current music trends, TV series, and contemporary politics.

It’s a unique performance that addresses human inquiries with lighthearted notes.

From current music trends to the most renowned TV series, all the way to social satire, politics, and current affairs, everything goes into the merciless oblivion blender.

An anti-musical cabaret halfway between a variety show and a DJ set, a genuine navigational tool, a melodious map where the big human questions will finally have answers within everyone’s reach, in just a few simple notes!

🎅 Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
December 9th

Vita e avventure di Babbo Natale, a Jesolo!

For the little ones (ages 4-10), the magic of winter comes to life with ‘Life and Adventures of Santa Claus.’ It’s the enchanting story of Claus: the boy who dedicated his life to bringing smiles to children in all villages.

In an enchanted forest inhabited by fairies and elves, a beautiful nymph welcomes and cares for young Claus.

During the long winters, the boy enjoys observing the forest animals and the inhabitants, eventually starting to reproduce their shapes in wood and clay.

When he discovers that one of his creations has brought joy to a child’s heart, Claus, now grown, decides to dedicate his life to bringing smiles to the children of all villages with his simple gifts…

🎭 Callas Callas Callas!
December 14th

Callas Callas Callas! Il meraviglioso balletto che celebra la grande cantante lirica, a Jesolo!

Jesolo welcomes the grand international dance with Opus Ballet Company in ‘CALLAS CALLAS CALLAS’. The show pays homage to the legendary Maria Callas, portrayed through a triptych exploring various aspects of the life and work of this iconic soprano.

Maria Callas, the divine, transcended the mere stage, becoming not only the greatest star of 20th-century opera but also a timeless icon of human strength and passion. Behind the stage aura emerged Maria, the woman, whose life unfolded like a gripping novel, a fairytale wrapped in drama.

In the realm of opera, Callas reigned supreme, placing not only her extraordinary voice but also drama, passion, and an expressive charge at the center of the stage that elevated her beyond the usual interpretations. She was more than an opera singer; she was an extraordinary actress who brought life to each note as if it held profound meaning.

Her artistic greatness intertwined with her personal story, forming a tapestry that captured the imagination of anyone who crossed her path. Callas, mistress of the stage, became a symbol of style, transforming her suffering into an expressive force that spoke to anyone, even those unaccustomed to the world of opera.

“She sang as if every note had a meaning…” – a phrase that encapsulated her magic. Each note, a chapter in the book of her life, an open window into human emotions.

Callas not only left an indelible mark in opera history but also touched the hearts of a broader audience, turning her performances into an experience that went beyond the theater, becoming an integral part of our understanding of human passion.

Biographical elements, musical inspirations, and iconography blend into a unique experience that combines contemporary dance with the story of one of the most celebrated and majestic voices of the twentieth century.

Villa Lobos Orchestra Concert
December 16th, 2023

Orchestra Villa Lobos Jesolo

On Saturday, December 16th, 2023, the Teatro Vivaldi in Jesolo hosts the final date of the Veneto International Music Festival with the prestigious Villa Lobos Cello Orchestra Concert.

Program Pieces by Hector Villa-Lobos, Johann Sebastian Bach, Astor Piazzolla, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Johann Pachelbel.

The Ensemble The Villa-Lobos Cello Orchestra was founded in 1985 through the work and desire of Enrico Egano, a renowned cellist, outstanding soloist and chamber musician, competition winner, and exceptional educator, who sadly passed away prematurely in 2008.

With a repertoire ranging from the Baroque period to contemporary, starting with the preciousness of Heitor Villa-Lobos’ Bachianas Brasileiras (1887-1959), a Brazilian composer, the orchestra also gives voice to music not strictly classical, transcribed from various musical styles, characterized by rhythms and sounds that highlight the versatility of a cello ensemble.

An unmissable opportunity for classical music enthusiasts, with free entry for all music lovers.

🎵 Earl Bynum and the Mount Unity Choir
December 20th, 2023

I meravigliosi canti gospel di Earl Bynum and the Mount Unity Choir a Jesolo, per le tue feste di Natale!

On December 20th, the Teatro Vivaldi will resonate with powerful voices featuring Earl Bynum and the Mount Unity Choir.

A unique experience for soul and gospel lovers, with a ten-member ensemble hailing from Virginia.

A singer, producer, author, and educator, Earl Bynum returns to Italy with a carefully selected ten-member ensemble from the Mount Unity Choir, an integral part of Virginia’s most significant Baptist church.

The Mount Unity Choir is a perfect blend of multiple influences ranging from spiritual to contemporary gospel, from rhythm and blues to vocal jazz, with refined arrangements always delivered with immense energy!

🎼 The Serenity Singers
December 29th, 2023, 9:00 PM

Le stupende voci del gruppo The Serenity Singers per illuminare le tue vacanze di Natale a Jesolo

The group hails from Baltimore and was founded by sisters Veronica Martinez and Vanessa Woods.

Over time, they have evolved, touring the United States and gaining recognition for their vocal abilities and harmony.

The Serenity Singers are a volunteer group of women serving the local community by singing for those hospitalized, in hospice care, confined to their homes, enduring illness, or going through challenging times.

In 2014, they won the award for Best Female Vocal Group at the Prizefactor Awards in Atlanta. This year, the six-member group embarks on tour with a captivating and engaging performance.

🎶 The Gospel Times
January 3rd, 2024

Per le festività natalizie non perdere il concerto di The Gospel Times, vibrazioni bellissime a Jesolo!

In the charming setting of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Passarella di Sotto, on January 3rd, 2024, a transcendental musical experience comes to life with the international group ‘The Gospel Times.’

This ensemble, active both in Europe and Italy, becomes the catalyst for an emotional journey through the deepest roots of gospel music. Comprising artists from different parts of the world, including the talented Venetian keyboardist Michele Bonivento, the group aims to touch the souls of its listeners with a repertoire encompassing traditional spirituals and more contemporary gospel, all seasoned with a vibrant soulful accent.

The majestic and enveloping voice of the lead, Joyce E. Yuille, is the driving force behind this unique experience. Joyce, an eclectic and accomplished musician, displays her versatility gracefully transitioning from jazz to soul, blues to gospel. Beyond her extraordinary vocal ability, Joyce E. Yuille stands out as a highly talented pianist. Her stage presence is a celebration of emotions, guiding the audience through a sonic journey that embraces various musical nuances.

Joyce E. Yuille’s experience extends to collaborations with internationally renowned artists. Her name is associated with big names such as Randy Crawford, Gloria Gaynor, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Donna Summer, Antonella Ruggiero, and Paolo Conte. These musical connections confirm her prominent position in the international music scene.

The concert proves to be not only a moment of celebrating faith through music but also an opportunity to immerse oneself in the art and spiritual expression that gospel music offers. In the magical atmosphere of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, The Gospel Times transforms the evening into a musical ritual that goes beyond mere listening, offering an engaging and unforgettable experience.

🎭 Angelo Pintus - Destinati all'estinzione
January 20th, 2024

Angelo Pintus - Destinati all'estinzione. Lo spettacolo divertentissimo in anteprima a Jesolo!

An evening of pure comedy and reflection awaits the audience at the Palazzo del Turismo in Jesolo on January 20th, 2024, when the brilliant showman from Trieste, Angelo Pintus, will present his latest show, ‘Destinati all’estinzione’ (Destined for Extinction).

This new chapter in Pintus’s career follows the triumph of his previous shows, ’50 sfumature di…Pintus’ (50 Shades of…Pintus) and ‘Ormai sono una milf’ (Now I’m a Milf), further solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the Italian comedy scene.

In ‘Destinati all’estinzione,’ Pintus tackles some of the most comedic and paradoxical aspects of daily life with his unique and irreverent style. With keen insight and sharp humor, Pintus presents an amusing analysis of human behavior, from peculiar daily habits to social idiosyncrasies. “There are those who talk to the dog while dressing it, those who drive while texting, and those who want to start a revolution only on Facebook,” states Pintus, introducing his show with a blend of humor and wisdom.

The narrative draws from common situations and peculiarities of contemporary society, revealing those ‘little signs’ that, according to Pintus, foreshadow an inevitable ‘return of the dinosaurs.’ Through his intelligent and provocative humor, the Trieste comedian explores the contradictions and absurdities of modern life, leading the audience to a delightful yet profound reflection on our existence.

Tickets for this unmissable evening are available on TicketOne, both online and at authorized retail points. In Jesolo, you can find them at Foto al Mare on Via Bafile 86 and at the Tourist Information Office in Piazza Brescia 13. Get ready for an evening of laughter and contemplation, guided by the comedic genius of Angelo Pintus.

📖 Alfabeto delle Emozioni - Stefano Massini
January 23rd, 2024

Alfabeto delle Emozioni - Stefano Massini, uno spettacolo pieno di intensità, divertimento e riflessioni, a Jesolo per te!

Jesolo’s Palazzo del Turismo will transform into a stage for an extraordinary journey through the human soul with ‘Alfabeto delle Emozioni’ (Alphabet of Emotions) by Stefano Massini.

An engaging and captivating theatrical experience that aims to explore the intricate labyrinth of our feelings.

Stefano Massini, a renowned Italian playwright and director, crafts a unique theatrical work where each letter of the alphabet becomes a gateway to a profound and authentic emotion. From ‘P for Paura’ (Fear) to ‘F for Felicità’ (Happiness) and ‘M for Malinconia’ (Melancholy), Massini guides the audience on an emotional journey, offering a distinctive perspective on the infinite range of feelings that characterize our humanity.

Irony intertwines with depth in this performance, creating a delicate balance between lightness and contemplation. Massini, with his engaging style and compelling stories, manages to call by name what moves our hearts, encouraging spectators to explore and recognize the emotions within them.

Immersed in this imaginative alphabet, the audience will be captivated by interwoven stories and characters masterfully drawn. Each word becomes a piece of an emotional puzzle, unique and irreplaceable, capturing attention and prompting deep reflections on human nature.

‘Alfabeto delle Emozioni’ is not just a theatrical show but a sensory experience inviting the audience to explore their inner world. Prepare to be taken on a journey that will leave you with a renewed appreciation for the richness and complexity of human emotions.

🎭 'Il Primo Servitore' - Pantakin from Venice, Theama Teatro 🎭
January 31st, 2024

Il Primo Servitore - Pantakin da Venezia, Theama Teatro , a Jesolo!

On January 31st, 2024, the Palazzo del Turismo in Jesolo will host an extraordinary theatrical performance: ‘Il Primo Servitore’ (The First Servant) presented by the Pantakin da Venezia group in collaboration with Theama Teatro.

This show offers a captivating and innovative insight into the genesis of one of Carlo Goldoni’s most famous and successful works, ‘Il servitore di due padroni’ (The Servant of Two Masters). The plot unfolds between reality and historical research, weaving a narrative that reveals to the audience, for the first time, the true story behind the inspiration of the great Venetian playwright.

The stage comes alive with the charm of an unscrupulous Venice, an enchanting city that inspired Goldoni’s immortal works. In this show, spectators will have the opportunity to discover how the talented playwright found inspiration, drawing from a whirlwind of comic, lascivious, and even violent acts, experiences lived during his fascinating investigation as a lawyer.

‘Pantakin da Venezia’ and ‘Theama Teatro’ come together to create an engaging narrative, skillfully intertwining history and fiction, shedding new light on one of the most iconic authors of Italian comedy. The stage transforms into a kaleidoscope of emotions, a journey into the pulsating heart of theatrical art and the brilliant mind of Carlo Goldoni.

Ignite your curiosity and let yourself be carried away into a world of intrigue, laughter, and discoveries in this unique show that promises to unveil the secrets behind the creation of an immortal literary masterpiece. An unmissable opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of theater and the fascinating history of Venice and its illustrious son, Carlo Goldoni.

🌟 Venere Nemica - Drusilla Foer
February 15, 2024

Venere Nemica - Drusilla Foer. Uno spettacolo da non perdere. Emozionante, divertente, intenso. A jesolo!

On February 15, 2024, get ready to immerse yourself in a unique theatrical adventure with “Venere Nemica” by Drusilla Foer, a surprising and engaging reinterpretation of Apuleius’s fable, “Cupid and Psyche.”

The Goddess of beauty and love, Venus, leaves Olympus to seek refuge among humans in Paris. In this performance, Venus unveils her imperfections, envying human mortality that compels individuals to live intense emotions, experience deep feelings, and seek unique experiences.

The story, inspired by the classical myth, unfolds in a both amusing and moving way, skillfully balancing tragedy and comedy.

“Venere Nemica” offers a contemporary look at classical themes, exploring complex dynamics such as mother-in-law/daughter-in-law rivalry, beauty fading over time, maternal possessiveness toward children, and the age-old conflict between humans and Gods.

Drusilla Foer, with her artistic vision and sensitivity, transforms the myth into a captivating portrayal that delves into the recesses of the human psyche and explores the nuances of interpersonal relationships.

The stage comes to life with iconic characters, capturing the essence of Greek mythology and bringing it into a contemporary context where the divine and the human intertwine in an intricate play of emotions.

Come to Paris with Venus and immerse yourself in this captivating narrative that will make you laugh, reflect, and perhaps even move you in the face of the challenges and wonders of love and beauty. “Venere Nemica” promises to be an unforgettable theatrical experience that combines the strength of myth with the complexity of modern life.

🎭 Vicini di casa - Amanda Sandrelli, Gigio Alberti
February 28, 2024

Vicini di casa - Amanda Sandrelli, Gigio Alberti. La commedia recitata dai bravissimi e famosi attori. A Jesolo, al Teatro Vivaldi.

On February 28, 2024, get ready for a comedy that redefines the concept of neighborhood with “Vicini di Casa” by Amanda Sandrelli and Gigio Alberti.

Anna and Giulio, a couple with years of history together, find themselves in a life that swings between love and habit, maintaining a precarious balance.

Their routine is shaken when the neighbors, Laura and Toni, decide to accept the invitation for an aperitif. What follows is a provocative and liberating comedy that lightly and amusingly explores inhibitions and hypocrisies of our time.

Amid glasses of wine and tasty slices of PataNegra, the two couples confront each other in a progressively less shy manner on the slippery ground of sexuality. The apartment becomes the stage for a human comedy, where laughter, deep reflections, and embarrassing situations mix together.

The physical proximity between the homes becomes a metaphor for emotional closeness and the daily challenges every couple faces.

Amanda Sandrelli and Gigio Alberti bring their mastery in capturing the nuances of human relationships to the stage, offering the audience a penetrating and intelligent look at the complexity of love and cohabitation. “Vicini di Casa” is a comedy that, with its provocative lightness, makes us smile and reflect on the dynamics of relationships, providing an amusing yet authentic mirror of everyday life.

🎭 Chi è Io - Francesco Pannofino
March 12, 2024

Chi è Io - Francesco Pannofino a Jesolo col suo divertentissimo show!

This comedy, both funny and metaphysical, catapults us into the frenetic and chaotic world of a highly successful television show. The story revolves around Leo Mayer, an intellectual with sharp humor, a sophisticated critic of society, forced to immerse himself in the trashy whirlwind of a TV appearance.

In this surreal context, everything is fused and mixed up, and Mayer finds himself reliving his life with credible but not entirely true shifts in credibility.

During the appearance, Mayer interacts with some of his patients, individuals dealing with behavioral, relational, emotional, and psychological difficulties.

Surprisingly, these patients are also the hosts of the show “Chi è Io?” The plot unfolds on multiple levels, with a story that goes beyond the surface and reveals deep and mysterious layers.

“Chi è Io” is not just an intelligent comedy but also a work that delves beneath the surface, exploring the complexity of identities and human relationships. Francesco Pannofino delivers an extraordinary performance, capturing the audience’s attention with his skill in portraying the chaos of modern life and existential challenges in a hilarious yet profound manner.

This show promises to be an unforgettable experience, a journey through laughter and reflection on the nature of the self and its multifaceted aspects.

🎤 Pinguini Tattici Nucleari
April 3rd and 4th, 2024

Pinguini Tattici Nucleari a Jesolo con i loro straordinari successi musicali!

The band Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, after the triumph of the summer tour, are ready to heat up the Palazzo del Turismo in Jesolo with the ‘Non perdiamoci mica di vista / Fake News Indoor Tour – Palasport 2024’ on two unmissable dates: Wednesday, April 3rd and Thursday, April 4th, 2024.

The band, fresh from the success of the album ‘Fake News’ (triple platinum), will not only bring to the stage the songs from their latest work but also all the major hits that have consecrated them as one of the most appreciated acts in the contemporary music scene.

2019 was a pivotal year for I Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, with the release of the album ‘Fuori dall’hype’ (four times Platinum) and a tour that sold out in clubs and boasted extraordinary attendance during the summer. In 2020, the band secured the third place at the Sanremo Festival with ‘Ringo Starr’ (triple Platinum) and released the EP ‘Ahia!’ (quadruple Platinum) with hits like ‘Pastello Bianco,’ ‘Scrivile scemo,’ and ‘Scooby Doo.’

In 2022, they participated as guest artists at the Sanremo Festival and triumphed with the ‘Dove Eravamo Rimasti Tour,’ with the single ‘Giovani Wannabe’ certified quintuple Platinum and at the top of the charts for over 15 weeks, followed by ‘Ricordi’ (quadruple Platinum).

Their extraordinary collection of Gold, Double, Triple, and Quadruple Platinum records, and their consistent presence at the top of the charts for over a hundred weeks, testify to the band’s continuous success, blending major hits with singer-songwriter pieces that bring smiles and reflections.

The concert is scheduled to start at 9:00 PM. Tickets are available on Ticketone and Ticketmaster. Get ready for an evening filled with energy, overwhelming music, and the unmistakable style of I Pinguini Tattici Nucleari.

🎭 Persone Naturali Strafottenti
April 4, 2024

Persone Naturali Strafottenti al Teatro Vivaldi a Jesolo una piece piena di ironia e amarezza, divertente e commovente.

Marisa Laurito, Giancarlo Nicoletti, Giovanni Anzaldo, and Livio Beshir come together for a captivating theatrical performance set to take place on April 4, 2024.

Let’s immerse ourselves in a New Year’s Eve night in Naples, within an apartment that becomes the stage for four unique lives.

The hostess, Donna Violante, a former servant in a brothel, clashes with Mariacallàs, a cross-dresser oscillating between resignation, irony, squalor, and malice. Then there are Fred and Byron, a gay student seeking freedom from fears and a writer eager to destroy the world to avenge humiliations suffered.

On this special night, four natural and defiant souls find themselves sharing their solitudes, while the city outside welcomes the arrival of the new year. The plot unfolds amidst heated discussions, recriminations, repressed desires, quarrels, and sexual violence, creating an intense and compelling narrative.

The masterful performance by Marisa Laurito, Giancarlo Nicoletti, Giovanni Anzaldo, and Livio Beshir breathes life into complex and engaging characters, offering the audience a theatrical experience rich in emotions and reflections on human nature.

Prepare for an unforgettable evening where the stories of these ‘Natural and Defiant People’ intertwine in an intense human drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last line.

An event not to be missed for theater enthusiasts and those seeking authentic emotions on stage.

Ironman 70.3 Venice - Jesolo
May 5, 2024

Ironman 70.3 Venice - Jesolo, lla straordinaria gara in un thriatlon per veri campioni. Uno spettacolo eccitante e pieno di energia. A Jesolo!

Jesolo is gearing up to host the third edition of IRONMAN 70.3 VENICE-JESOLO!

May 5, 2024, marks the beginning of the IRONMAN season in Italy, with an expected participation rate more than double that of the previous year.

The thrilling competition starts and finishes on the lighthouse beach, where the entire village is set up with the registration office and merchandise. This event is eagerly anticipated by athletes from around the world, ready to face the challenge of 1.9 km of open water swimming, 90 km of cycling, and 21.1 km of running through the Jesolo inland, crossing a unique landscape.

The race is not just a physical challenge but also a mental one. Athletes will be cheered on by spectators along the course as they push their limits.

The IRONMAN 70.3 Venice-Jesolo represents a test of endurance and strength, where maintaining mental clarity while pushing the body beyond its limits becomes a challenge fit for superheroes.

Join the enthusiastic crowd and support these true superheroes as they tackle this one-of-a-kind competition.

Whether you’re a triathlon enthusiast or a casual spectator, IRONMAN 70.3 Venice-Jesolo offers an exciting spectacle of determination, strength, and sportsmanship.

Share the Emotion: Jesolo is Waiting Just for You!

Get ready to share these special moments with friends and family. Each event is an opportunity to create indelible memories and share the excitement of being part of something extraordinary. Your days in Jesolo will be illuminated by laughter, music, and adrenaline.

Welcome to the Vibrant Heart of Jesolo: Where the Excitement Never Ends!

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