Carnival in Venice and Jesolo!

Carnevale a Jesolo e Venezia. Soggiorna all'Hotel Germania!

Carnival in Venice and Jesolo!

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During the lavish, elegant Carnival of Venice, the squares, fields, and streets become stages for performances of clowns, circus-theater, puppetry, acrobatics, and music, featuring the most talented international artists. Venice, Jesolo, and Mestre are the theaters for this explosion of art and creativity.

Carnevale a Jesolo e Venezia. Soggiorna all'Hotel Germania!

On January 27th, the Venice Carnival kicks off in grand style: with Marco Polo!

Welcome to an extraordinary experience!

From January 27th to February 13th, the magical city of Venice transforms into an unparalleled stage, inviting everyone on an exciting journey through its alleyways, fields, streets, and squares.

The Carnival is not just an event; it’s a true adventure that encompasses the entire city, from the islands to the mainland.

Here, you’ll be part of an epic tale that relives the incredible feat of Marco Polo.

Together, we’ll explore the extraordinary creativity of the Venice Carnival, an enchanted world of imagination, dreams, and desires, offering each of you a journey into your deepest self.

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere, a Carnival that enchants and captivates, making Venice the place where dreams become reality.

Come and embrace the exceptional spirit of this unforgettable celebration in Venice!

Carnival: the captivating spectacle

Carnevale a Jesolo e Venezia. Soggiorna all'Hotel Germania!

The countdown has already begun. With the evocative title ‘Towards the East: Marco Polo’s Miraculous Journey,’ the Venice Carnival 2024 celebrates one of its greatest travelers. On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of his death on January 8, 1324, Marco Polo returns to the lagoon as the protagonist of the Venetian carnival tradition.

The theme of travel, discovery, and encounters with previously unimaginable worlds, but also travel as a path to self-discovery, revealing changes from when the journey began, will be at the heart of the 2024 edition of the Venice Carnival.

A fantastic journey into imagination that turns its gaze ‘towards the East,’ following the path that the young Marco embarked on in discovering new wonders. Also, a journey of learning across boundaries and cultures, unthinkable at the time, which changed the destiny of Marco, a young ambassador of Venice and the world as it was then known.

The city of Venice, from January 27th to February 13th, becomes the map of this extraordinary fantasy journey, leading guests through alleys, fields, streets, and squares animated by shows, music, and art, for a Carnival spread throughout the entire city, from the islands to the mainland.

Together, we will retrace that exceptional adventure, exploring the creativity of the Venice Carnival, made of imaginary worlds, fantasies, and desires that each of us dreams of during our inner journey.

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The water parade of boats and the mythical 'Pantegana'.

Il tradizionale corteo acqueo del Carnevale di Venezia, composto da imbarcazioni tipiche locali, guidato dalla leggendaria "Pantegana" di cartapesta.

In the enchanting backdrop of Venice, where palaces rise like delicate lacework and magical reflections dance upon the water, beauty reaches unparalleled heights.

This city is intrinsically tied to the element of water. Over the centuries, Venice has defended itself and thrived, giving birth to a Republic of extraordinary civilization and opulence.

Here, in this magical land, numerous events are celebrated that exalt Venice’s glory and love for water.

Behold the return of the traditional water parade, comprised of typical local boats, orchestrated in collaboration with the Coordination of Venetian Rowing Associations and led by the legendary ‘Pantegana’ made of papier-mâché.

An exceptional procession of rowing boats, adorned and piloted by elegantly attired rowers, gathers near Punta della Dogana before heading towards the Rialto area.

Here, a vibrant and colorful choreography unfolds around the Rialto Bridge, setting the stage for the grand celebration in Erbaria.

Symbolically marking the commencement of the festivities for the Venice Carnival 2024, this event immerses the city in a festive and enchanted atmosphere.

The historical
Feast of the Marys!

La moderna Festa delle Marie durante il Carnevale di Venezia è un evento spettacolare che riporta in vita un'antica tradizione.

A legendary wind of mystery and tradition blows through the magnificent city of Venice across the centuries, bringing with it the captivating history of the Feast of the Marys. 

Awakened by the visionary ingenuity of director Bruno Tosi back in 1999, it has since become an undisputed cornerstone of the Venice Carnival.

The roots of this story date back to the year 973, engraved in the heart of Venetian history during the ancient celebrations dedicated to the purification of the Virgin Mary at the majestic San Pietro di Castello church.

In that memorable year, twelve young Venetian women were kidnapped by a group of daring Dalmatian pirates, plunging the city into despair and panic. But the story didn’t end there.

Doge Pietro Candiano III, a man of courage and rectitude, organized a daring pursuit that crossed seas and lands until he finally freed the young women, leading them back with honor and triumph into the arms of their beloved Venice.

Since then, the Feast of the Marys became an anthem to freedom and strength, celebrated with passion and devotion every year in the lagoon city.

Over the centuries, the rituals and customs of the festival have transformed, but the essence of that epic moment has remained intact, engraved in Venice’s soul.

And now, in this extraordinary edition of the event, the highlight emerges: the election of the Mary of the Year.

The electrifying anticipation will culminate on February 13th in the magnificent Apollinee Halls of Teatro La Fenice. 

There, the Mary of the Year, along with the Mary from Il Gazzettino, will be crowned based on the preferences expressed by the newspaper’s readers, bestowing upon them such coveted and glorious honor, sealing their beauty and grace in the eternal history of the Serenissima.

Celebrations, myths, elegance, and festivity in the Venice Carnival!

Le affascinanti ed elegantissimi maschere del Carnevale di Venezia.

Venice celebrates one of its most significant figures and among the greatest representatives of its international vocation, a man who embarked on one of the most compelling journeys in history, spanning Europe and the East, destined to leave an indelible mark on relations between peoples,” stated Mayor Luigi Brugnaro. “The City Administration has therefore decided to dedicate a year of celebrations that confirm Marco Polo’s role in the history of Venice and in diplomatic and commercial relations with the East.

These celebrations allow us to reaffirm the city’s central role in cultural, social, commercial, and diplomatic relations, which Venice has held over the centuries. The Carnival will be an opportunity to immerse oneself in the tale of the young Venetian Marco, weaving between reality and fantasy to create a narrative of great charm that still captivates and enchants us today, inspiring dreams.

The Carnival Street Show will be the main attraction, featuring the best international artists in the fields of music, circus-theater, and clowning.

Traditional events such as the Most Beautiful Mask contest and the selection of the 12 Marys will take place, while the official Carnival Dinner Show, titled “At the Court of the Great Khan,” returns to Ca’ Vendramin Calergi, once again curated by designer Antonia Sautter.

The 2024 Carnival edition will also see masked allegorical floats throughout the city, from the islands of the lagoon to the mainland.

The Arsenal once again hosts an extraordinary and thrilling water show. “Terra Incognita” will fill the waters of the Darsena Grande with magic, following in the footsteps of Marco Polo.

Moreover, art and theater will return to celebrate the Carnival with a program of shows in the city’s cultural spaces, featuring the well-established experience of the Carnival of Culture in collaboration with the Biennale and various local realities.

Venice Carnival Street Show

Artisti di strada riempiono di allegria, gioia e meraviglia adulti e piccini durante le celebrazioni del Carnevale di Venezia.

In the enchanted city of Venice, the sumptuous Carnival is unveiled, an unparalleled feast of elegance, creativity, and brilliance that dazzles the entire world.

This extraordinary event is not just an ode to the splendid backdrop of its canals and the art finely woven into the magnificent palaces. It stands out primarily for its unique, luxurious, and astonishing costumes that rise above any other carnival celebration globally, capturing admiration and amazement.

However, the streets of Venice and its surroundings hide a parallel, fascinating, and popular Carnival, animated by street artists, jugglers, acrobats, and extraordinary illusionists. These artists share a single theme, the centerpiece around which the Venice Carnival revolves each year.

And now, in the magical year of 2024, Venice transforms into an open-air stage, dedicating the entire Carnival to the enchanting theme of travel, discovery, and encounters with worlds previously only dreamt of: a fantastic journey into the imagination that turns its gaze ‘to the East,’ following the footsteps of the young Marco Polo, in search of yet unknown marvels.

From January 27th to February 13th, 2024, the Venice Carnival Street Show revives the magic, spreading throughout the fields, squares, alleys, and streets of the city!

Here are the most extraordinary artists from around the world, ready to enchant with their music, circus-theater, and the art of clowning, offering unforgettable moments and enveloping us in the magical and intoxicating atmosphere of the Venice Carnival!

Carnevale a Jesolo e Venezia. Soggiorna all'Hotel Germania!

Carnival in Jesolo,
paradise for children!"

Jesolo also dresses in the colors of Carnival with four fun events suitable for all ages. Throughout the Carnival season, squares, streets, and parks welcome masks and the colors of the happiest celebration of the year.


Inflatables and jumpers, musical entertainment by A.C.M.E. (cartoon cover band), balloons, and free distribution of fritters and galani.


Entertainment for children and free distribution of fritters and galani.


Entertainment for children and free distribution of fritters and galani.


Traditional parade of allegorical floats and masked groups with a final prize-giving ceremony.

Incantation and Enchantment in Venice

Carnevale a Jesolo e Venezia. Soggiorna all'Hotel Germania!

But if Jesolo is your base for a fantastic stay, you should take advantage of the friendly climate and the marvel of the Venetian Lagoon to visit the floating city, immerse yourself in its magical atmosphere, and why not, have fun at the colorful and astonishing events happening in the alleys and small squares of the Serenissima!

By the way, do you know the origins of the use of confetti, masks, and allegorical floats?

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