Valentine’s Day
in Jesolo and Venice!

San Valentino a Jesolo e Venezia. Prenota l'Hotel Germania!

Valentine’s Day
in Jesolo and Venice!

San Valentino a Jesolo e Venezia. Prenota l'Hotel Germania!

Valentine's Day
in Jesolo and Venice!

Not the usual gift you’ve seen before.

Instead, a stay in Jesolo, at Hotel Germania, and Venice, with a romantic cruise through the waters of the Lagoon amidst many beautiful islands.

There nearby, magnificent Venice awaits you!

It’s a special, captivating place for millions of loving couples.

Pure magic.

A special gift
for Valentine's Day.
For true lovers!

You’ll spend your sweet escape of love in a unique way; immersing yourselves together in the enchanted atmosphere, strolling through its charming alleyways, or perhaps enjoying a serenade in a gondola along the delightful canals.

A suggestive ride on the water, amidst a thousand reflections, under intricate bridges, accompanied by traditional melodies.

During these unforgettable moments, you’ll understand in your heart why Venice is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world!

San Valentino a Jesolo e Venezia. Prenota l'Hotel Germania!

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San Valentino a Jesolo Venezia L'Hotel Germania ti attende.

Love, the Sea, and… Jesolo in Love!

The atmosphere becomes magical with a big red heart in the center of the square hosting a market with stalls offering gifts, souvenirs, and themed sweets.

The large bench in Piazza Mazzini is decorated for the occasion, and big heart-shaped frames, also found on the adjacent beach piers, provide the ideal backdrop to capture love with a selfie! Fun is also guaranteed with a themed carousel.

Not to be missed are the ‘Lovers’ restaurant, the large heart message board where everyone can post their love messages and see the most beautiful ones rewarded, the ‘Talk Love’ to narrate love in all its facets, and the personalized parchment as a keepsake of Valentine’s Day spent in Jesolo.

Gift your truly loved one a trip to Jesolo and Venice and show that today, for you, it’s as intense as the first day.

You’ll discover happiness in their eyes due to this unexpected gift.

A brief, sweet escape from everyday life, a truly thrilling break during these different days.

And the Venice Carnival, from January 27th to February 13th, very close to Valentine’s Day, with its myriad of elegant masks, incredible festivities, and extremely sophisticated costumes entices you to stay…

All the effervescence of an ancient and truly cosmopolitan city.

A special, sparkling, cheerful, and truly happy Valentine’s Day!

San Valentino a Jesolo e Venezia. Prenota l'Hotel Germania!

A special Valentine's Day,
all the wonder just for you!

What could be more romantic than a stay between Jesolo and magical Venice?

Places where lovers from all over the world come to get married, to spend their honeymoon, and to renew their vows of love!

And they have every reason in the world to do so.

There is no other place on Earth where the reflections on the water, the overpowering beauty of every building, alleyway, bridge… create such a romantic backdrop for photos, glances, and hand-holding.

A sweet gift,
for Valentine's Day!

For millions of people, it’s a happy day.

It’s a symbol, an extra opportunity to renew one’s feelings, to feel them strong, intense, in harmony.

With the awareness of the reciprocity of emotions for those you love.

It’s knowing that countless other couples, all over the planet, feel something quite similar.

In short, Valentine’s Day is the very symbol of love: something we should all remember and celebrate.

Because this is the only thing that keeps the world going, that makes it progress in peace, respect, and closeness.

San Valentino a Jesolo e Venezia. Prenota l'Hotel Germania!

Valentine's Day
with your Friends!

Have you ever thought that you could also spend these holidays with your dearest friends?

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to combine the warmth of friendship, trust, joy… with the love that binds you to your respective partners?

To make it even more exciting, there’s the magnificent and elegant Venice Carnival 2024!

Moreover, at Germania, you will also find mini-apartments, allowing you to enjoy your couple’s intimacy while having breakfast and planning the day’s schedule together with your loyal friends.

All at an even more convenient price!

San Valentino a Jesolo e Venezia. Prenota l'Hotel Germania!

Just you and your

Because while it’s true that countless couples of lovers arrive every day in the magical setting of Venice, each couple lives in their own personal enchantment, as if they were outside the world or as if it envelops only them.

It’s the power of love, of hearts beating in harmony.

Venice preserves all this, with its precious wonders, like a gentle treasure chest.

In short, it’s a world of incredible enchantment, almost seeming made only for truly close couples.

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