Hotel Germania in Jesolo:
Dancing in the summer!

Ogni anno un tema differente, una sorpresa. Le feste a tema del Germania, un evento atteso da tutta Jesolo. Il modo più fantasioso ed eccitante per colorare una vacanza d'estate!

Hotel Germania in Jesolo:
Dancing in the summer!

Music, dances, and well-being - The vacation begins!

Dance is an extraordinary experience that can enrich our lives in many ways. However, when one is on vacation by the sea, the cheerful and relaxed atmosphere further amplifies this feeling.

In particular, Latin American dances are known for their infectious energy and captivating rhythms.

The music that accompanies them immediately evokes feelings of happiness, passion, and freedom.

Le feste d'estate del Germania: divertimento, allegria, nuove amicizie e fantasia scatenata!

During your summer stay at the Germania Hotel in Jesolo, you will have an unforgettable experience with Felix, our experienced Dominican dancer.

He will teach you the steps of Caribbean dances and lead invigorating aqua aerobics sessions on the beach.

You will be surrounded by new friends who share a passion for music and dance, giving you the pleasure of feeling an active and healthy body.

The atmosphere of the sea and sun will intensify your emotions, creating special moments of joy and liberation.

Dancing at the Germania Hotel will give you unforgettable memories and bring you into complete harmony with yourself.

Prepare yourself to experience a magical summer, full of music, dance, and pure energy. Let your wonderful vacation shine!

New friends united by their passion for dance!

Le feste a tema sono un'altra occasione per imparare nuovi passi di danza con i nostri animatori ballerini. Ambientazioni ogni anno diverse, eccitazione e divertimento nelle feste del Germania Hotel di Jesolo.

Music, dances, and well-being - The vacation begins!

Dancing during your vacation by the sea offers several advantages.

Firstly, it allows you to connect with the people around you. We often organize parties or dance evenings at our Germania Hotel where people gather to dance and have fun.

In these situations, it’s easy to form new friendships, meet people from different parts of the world, and share a love for music and dance.

Dance becomes a universal language that transcends cultural and language barriers, creating a sense of unity, closeness, and connection.

Il tango a jesolo. Durante la tua vacanza all'Hotel Germania, divertimento ed emozioni nella danza più bella del mondo.

Music and sea breeze close to happiness.

Moreover, dancing during your seaside vacation allows you to relax and let go of daily stress.

The combination of body movement, captivating music, and sea breeze creates an atmosphere of pure enjoyment.

Dance becomes a form of personal expression, where you can move your body freely and follow the rhythm without worrying about judgment or inhibitions. This freedom of expression makes you feel more alive, beautiful, and joyful.

Bachata and Merengue, free and full of joy

During the day at the beach, you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, the scent of the salty air, the sand beneath your feet, and the sound of waves breaking on the shore.

All these elements combine with music, aqua aerobics, and dance into a symphony of sensations that amplify the pleasure of dancing and create the feeling of how well your body responds to the movements.

Dancing during a seaside vacation, especially with dances like Bachata, Merengue, and Latin American dances, brings joy, excitement, and a sense of liberation.

It’s an opportunity to connect with others, relax, and fully enjoy the sensory experience of the place.

So, during your stay at the Hotel Germania, don’t miss the chance to dance during your beach vacation. Don’t be afraid: Enjoy the magic of music and movement to the fullest!

Caribbean dances and aqua aerobics: The summer becomes exotic!

During your summer stay at the Germania Hotel in Jesolo, you will have the opportunity to have an unforgettable experience.

You will be guided by Felix, an experienced Dominican dancer, who will teach you the steps of Caribbean dances and lead invigorating aqua aerobics sessions on the beach.

This experience will gift you unique emotions and convey the joy of feeling your active, healthy body, surrounded by new friends and enveloped in the sun and seawater.

Imagine starting your day with a lively aqua aerobics session at the beach.

With Felix as your experienced guide, you will move in the cool waters of the Adriatic and begin dancing to the rhythm of the music.

Aqua aerobics exercises are perfect for strengthening muscles, improving endurance, and stimulating circulation.

While moving in the water, you will feel the lightness of your body and the freshness of the marine environment, motivating you to give your best.

A vacation full of well-being and vitality

At other times, Germania’s Team will also organize classes in Caribbean dances to immerse you in the culture and rhythms of the islands.

Under his experienced guidance, you will learn steps of Bachata, Merengue, and other Latin American dances.
It will be an entertaining and captivating experience as Felix will create an atmosphere of joy and engagement.

You will be surrounded by new friends, all eager to learn and have fun together.

The infectious music will fill the air, and the movements of your body will make you feel free and full of energy.

As you dance and move to the rhythms of the Caribbean dances, you will feel the emotions arising from the fusion of music and movement.

Passion and excitement will spread throughout your body, and you will feel alive and full of vitality.

Moreover, the company of your new friends will make the experience even more special, as you can share the joy of learning together, encouraging each other, and adding color to your vacation in Jesolo.

Mille balli, bachata, merengue, country nelle feste del Germania di Jesolo. Regna sovrana l'allegria, ogni persona scopre nuovi amici e insieme creano felicità, atmosfere serene, la migliore vacanza.

Surrounded by water, sun, and many beautiful friends.

You’ll share these experiences with the new friends you’ll meet during your stay, creating unforgettable memories and nurturing a sense of connection and joy.

You’ll be surrounded by sun, water, and an inviting environment that will enhance your well-being, allowing you to feel in harmony with yourself by recharging your energies for the return home.

So, prepare yourself to dance, have fun, and experience a special summer filled with music, dance, and positive energy.

I’ve told you, it’s your beautiful vacation: let’s illuminate it!

Una vacanza al Germania dove vicinanza, festa, benessere fisico, buona cucina, spettacoli, sport e tantissimo relax riempiono i pensieri di colore e rigenerano dallo stress accumulato durante l'anno.

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.