The fantastic autumn in Italy, in Jesolo!

La vacanza a Jesolo, in autunno

The fantastic autumn in Italy, in Jesolo!

The beauty that brightens up your vacation!

Discover the Charm of September and October in Jesolo: Sea and Relaxing Holidays!

September and October in Jesolo bring an irresistible mix of atmospheres, an intersection of seasons that captures the sweetest essence of the whole year.

The sea, an undisputed protagonist.

With still pleasant temperatures, the water caresses the beaches of Jesolo in a season that offers unique moments. With fewer crowds compared to springtime, every sound, color, and scent is heightened, providing an experience of relaxation and connection with nature like no other.

The restaurants and cafés? An experience not to be missed!

After the bustling summer, Jesolo’s venues offer refined tranquility. Sitting with a good book, savoring local delicacies and tasty bites, all accompanied by a spritz and the company of friends, becomes a ritual to be lived without haste.

Even the service improves: genuine friendliness, pleasant conversations, and sincere smiles are the distinctive features of the period.

The venue managers have time to dedicate themselves to their guests, offering an even more authentic and welcoming experience.

Discover in Jesolo the most authentic and relaxing side of vacations, where the beauty of the sea merges with the tranquility of a timeless atmosphere.

But all this is just a tiny part of what these months offer us!

The weather, first and foremost. Less scorching than a few weeks ago when even a trip to Venice resembled a Sahara crossing, now it’s nothing short of …perfect.

It accentuates, emphasizes our pleasure in being outdoors, in admiring the colors of the sky that envelop everything.

A sun that gives warmth without burns!

The woods are now a fantastic kaleidoscope of yellows, reds, greens merging among themselves, signaling that delicious chestnuts and mushrooms await us at the table.

This is the best time for healthy walks, delightful trekking, and discovering the numerous fascinating villages.

And indeed, many of these villages host colorful festivals, often recalling medieval glories, fierce battles, challenges among the youth to win the heart of some beautiful maiden…

But fear not, invariably, you will find tempting offerings of every kind imaginable: roasts, hams, cheeses, sausages, sweets, and exquisite pumpkin or mushroom risottos!!

And, by the way, don’t miss a visit to the Prosecco Hills: delightful tastings, wine tours, and even the chance to buy excellent wines at reduced prices… await you!

In Venice, there’s the spectacular Historical Regatta: a triumph of ancient boats, rowers in period costumes, vigorous challenges to excel.

In Marostica, the story between the two young men Rinaldo d’Angarano and Vieri da Vallonara, vying for the hand of the beautiful Lionora, comes to life in the square where, today as then, the emotion is renewed in a sumptuous setting of precious costumes and banners.

And then the Palio di Montagnana, the Joust of the Rocca in Monselice…

So many incredibly fun and interesting opportunities to take dozens of photos.

And, if you think it ends here, you’re mistaken…

Il fantastico autunno in Veneto a Jesolo.

Because what better time could you ever find to discover the Art Cities?

You have the wonders of Padua, Treviso, Belluno, and last but certainly not least… Venice at your disposal: less crowded and noisy than in summer!

As you can see, this period offers a much more dynamic vacation – or vacations, if you opt for frequent and short stays – than the summer when beach umbrellas and loungers ruled.

Now, even your body will thank you for the long walks.

And the time spent in the car or on the train to reach all those wonderful places is itself a pleasure, with so many colors and picturesque landscapes to behold.

Jesolo is naturally the preferred stop for your stay.

It is located almost at the center of all those places I mentioned: a true hub from which to start a thousand visits, excursions, walks, and discoveries.

And then it has that inviting sea, the endless beach, the opportunity to exercise on the shoreline, go out with our e-Bikes, and go shopping.

Many also come to work remotely and take advantage of intelligent relaxation.

You can certainly stay in one of our delightful apartments equipped with a kitchen, bedrooms, and a living room.

But don’t stay indoors for too long: the most beautiful and spectacular autumn awaits no one and rushes towards winter!

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.