Sun, Fun, and Sea on
vacation in Jesolo!

In vacanza a Jesolo al germania Suite Hotel mare sole e spiaggia

Sun, Fun, and Sea on
vacation in Jesolo!

The thousand benefits of sea, sun, and sand, for you!

Never before have we felt such a strong need to go to the seaside for a vacation.

Whether it’s a long stay or just a few days at the beach, you’re about to give your health a great gift: a fantastic recharge of vitamin D and essential minerals for your well-being, better than any supplement taken at home!

In vacanza a Jesolo al germania Suite Hotel mare sole e spiaggia

The sea and the sun are powerful remedies for the well-being of our body, mind, and soul: they improve mood and blood circulation, alleviate various skin conditions, and some thyroid issues. But this is just a part of the many benefits of the sea, the sun, and the beach!

In vacanza a Jesolo al germania Suite Hotel mare sole e spiaggia

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Wellness and health Jesolo!

Let’s see together these beneficial effects.

  1. A significant enhancement of our immune system: the vitamin D produced through exposure to sunlight contributes to the activation of T lymphocytes, which are the blood cells tasked with protecting the body from viruses and bacteria.

  2. Sun rays act as natural antidepressants and, combined with seawater, are capable of increasing the release of serotonin, also known as the ‘happiness hormone,’ as it alleviates our stress, constant anxieties, and frequent nervousness in daily life.

In vacanza a Jesolo al germania Suite Hotel mare sole e spiaggia

Sun, salt, and seawater,
and it's happiness!

3. A tremendous benefit for the respiratory system: sea air is a true natural aerosol, rich in particles of iodine, calcium, magnesium, and sodium chloride, which purify and significantly strengthen the respiratory system against viral attacks, coughs, and colds.

  1. They give us healthy, beautiful, and glowing skin: both the sun and the sea are powerful revitalizing allies for skin beauty.

The mineral salts dissolved in seawater disinfect, exfoliate, and help fight bacterial infections. Sun, salt, and seawater are effective remedies against various pathological skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, and seborrheic dermatitis.

Additionally, they help dry out excessively oily skin, purifying and toning it.

In vacanza a Jesolo al germania Suite Hotel mare sole e spiaggia

5. A powerful defense against cellulite!

Adopting a seaside lifestyle helps reactivate lymphatic circulation, benefiting those with water retention and pesky cellulite due to improved tissue oxygenation and the draining effect caused by the constant massage of seawater.

Moreover, through osmosis, the sea allows for the elimination of excess fluids.

Get in shape right away: more health and less stress!

6. Shall we talk about the pleasure of feeling fit, inside and out?

All-tanned: after a day at the beach, you always feel more beautiful! The amber color of the face and body covers minor skin imperfections and immediately makes us appear fitter and healthier: we are more appealing to others and to ourselves.

As with everything, excesses should be avoided: it’s always better to avoid sunbathing during the hottest hours, from 12 to 4 PM, and remember to constantly apply a powerful UV protective filter.

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In vacanza a Jesolo al germania Suite Hotel mare sole e spiaggia

Vacation? It's when you feel good about yourself and with others!

7. Friends of fitness: (and thyroid enthusiasts!), the slimming effect of a seaside vacation is achieved not only by harnessing the warmth from the sun, reducing appetite and dispelling nervous hunger, but also amid the waves, engaging in movement, as we consistently do at Germania: aerobics, fun, dancing on the seashore with many new friends!

And why not, just by breathing and enjoying the benefits of iodine on the entire body, which will give a nice boost to our metabolism, in case it’s slowed down.

In vacanza a Jesolo al germania Suite Hotel mare sole e spiaggia

Jesolo and Hotel Germania: a paradise of health and joy.

Jesolo: our oasis of health and joy.

At the Germania Suite Hotel, there’s so much life, entertainment, renowned TV and theater artists, water sports, eBike rides, and numerous glorious parties.

But the sea of Jesolo is an essential component of the holidays.

And not just in summer: running on the beach in the morning, strolling in the colorful afternoons, enjoying an aperitif in one of the many bars—it’s an elixir for our bodies and our minds, so affected by the events of recent years.

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.