On a bike in Jesolo: Sport, health, and beauty!

In eBike a Jesolo fra natura e bellezza

On a bike in Jesolo: Sport, health, and beauty!

With your e-Bike in Jesolo,
...what a passion!

On a bike in Jesolo with us, at your Hotel Germania in Jesolo!

Whether it’s a regular bicycle, a mountain bike, or a shiny e-Bike, the benefits of cycling are countless. Especially when you’re on vacation!

Regular low-intensity aerobic activity enables the control of blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, with demonstrated benefits for preventing and managing conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular ischemic diseases, diabetes, obesity, and more.

The gaze lights up with happiness for a fulfilling vacation.

But there aren’t only physical benefits…

Riding an e-Bike opens the mind and …the heart!

Can you imagine the beauty of pedaling and enjoying the splendid views that surround you? The lagoon, the rivers, the landscapes, even the distant profile of Venice, or the lengthy cycle path along the Sile river to Treviso?

In what other way can you observe nature from so many different perspectives if not on a bicycle?


For your stay in Jesolo (Venice) whenever you desire a sporty and dynamic vacation, book a room or a splendid apartment, all for yourself, at Hotel Germania!

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The beautiful itineraries between Jesolo and the Venice Lagoon, chosen for you by Hotel Germania!

Here you are in a territory rich in both historical and natural beauty. Almost entirely flat, it is easily suited for excursions and trips that are not only beautiful and stimulating but also highly suggestive and full of positive sensations.

At Hotel Germania, we have selected some of the most beautiful and interesting itineraries. Feel free to call us for any information or if you wish to organize something even more special!

Hotel Germania holds a privileged position in the realm of bicycles and e-Bikes. It provides assistance to those who have their own equipment and offers the opportunity to use splendid e-Bikes from top brands.

But that’s not all. Hotel Germania has selected the best routes and itineraries amidst the surrounding rivers and the waters of the Venice Lagoon, providing glimpses of incredible and breathtaking beauty amid a nature where flora and fauna reign.

Additionally, there are visits to farms and agritourism sites where food is prepared and grown in an absolutely safe and healthy manner.

In short, if you love biking, e-Bikes, good flavors, and nature, an experience at Hotel Germania is a must you can’t afford to miss!

In eBike a Jesolo fra natura e bellezza

Like any sport, cycling also boosts self-esteem. The sense of well-being, the pleasure of feeling fit, and integrating with the beauty of the surrounding territory—all of these create an intense harmony that invariably reflects on our spirituality, thoughts, optimism, creativity, and productivity.

Jesolo boasts an enviable network of equipped and safe paths for bicycles and e-Bikes. Hundreds of kilometers of easy, beautiful, and always interesting itineraries. A paradise accessible to everyone, especially for those who love sports and beauty.

Each route is relatively easy, suitable for families, friends, enthusiasts seeking not only sports but also emotions, sensations, everything that nature and the surrounding beauty can evoke in the soul.

What could be more beautiful than sharing all these things with the ones you love?

Together, on e-Bikes, in Jesolo!

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.