A trip to the delightful Asolo!

le splendide stradine medievali di Asolo, in Veneto.

A trip to the delightful Asolo!

Asolo, a small gem, at your disposal!

In Italy, there are a thousand beautiful villages.

However, some stand out for their charm, history, and the beauty that surrounds you.

Walking through their alleys, admiring the shapes, the many suggestions… it’s an endless joy that completely pervades you.

Asolo is an Italian municipality in the province of Treviso, in Veneto.

It is part of the club of The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy.

It’s one of the many captivating excursions possible from Hotel Germania in Jesolo.

The straight, easy roads filled with beautiful landscapes themselves justify this trip.

The territory of Asolo extends at the transition point between the Venetian plain and the overlying hilly area that anticipates the Belluno Prealps.

The southern half, with Villa d’Asolo and Casella, is entirely flat, with altitudes ranging from 80 to 100 meters above sea level; the northern half reaches 379 meters at Poggio San Martino, in the northeast.

Archaeological finds attest that in the municipal center, settlement occurred only starting from the Bronze Age (X-IX century B.C.).

Between the 8th and 1st century B.C., paleovenetian Asolo was perhaps linked to the practice of transhumance, sheep farming, and wool trading.

Passed on to the Romans, later invaded and destroyed by the Hungarians, it was finally annexed to the Municipality of Treviso.

Asolo consolidated its strategic importance with the construction of the imposing fortress (12th century).

The stronghold, captured in 1239 by Ezzelino da Romano, returned, upon his death, to the municipality of Treviso, which installed a captain there, reinforced the already present garrison, and granted the city a certain degree of autonomy.

After the Scaligeri, Asolo passed to the Serenissima, which established it as the seat of podesteria.

This was the period of Asolo’s greatest splendor.


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Today, Asolo is one of the favorite destinations for those seeking a beautiful day amidst beauty, history, culture, and good food.

The Asolani Hills are the starting point for walks and excursions around the city, gently enveloping visitors.

Several paths branch out from the historic center for walking or cycling.

In spring, the blossoming cherry and peach trees paint the landscape.

Strolling through the valleys and ‘foresti,’ the roads that lead from the plain to the center, is always a captivating experience.

And perhaps, on the way home, stop to buy the excellent wines of the Prosecco Valley, on the road back to Jesolo, at your Hotel Germania!

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