A happier life, on vacation!

A happier life, on vacation!

Anyone longing for a vacation, right?

Even though everyone assigns different expectations to a vacation: some take advantage to seek maximum relaxation, perhaps a bit lazily, why not; others use it to get back in shape physically, to tackle the return to daily responsibilities with gusto; some anticipate it as a moment of mental and spiritual purification: a period to enrich thoughts and spirit, perhaps by reading good books or indulging in beautiful artistic excursions, which are certainly not rare in Italy.

You know, there are always happier alternatives! 😊

Indeed, it’s a little thought-provoking that so many people experience their everyday lives almost as an unavoidable and prolonged period of stress accumulation, repetition, boredom, impatience, irritability, and even pain.

Where occasional moments of leisure, encounters, and discoveries aren’t as numerous, but rather distant islands of mild and temporary well-being in an ocean of increasing weariness.

One might wonder: ‘Does it necessarily have to be this way?’

We, as humans, convince ourselves that it’s something inevitable simply because we’ve grown up living this way, eventually believing that there are no sweeter, peaceful, happier, and harmonious alternatives available.

It often happens this way.

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The simplest things are also the most ...effective.

It is as if we have never challenged ourselves to identify a new framework where it’s possible to work, study, and carry out daily tasks within a ‘restructuring’ of time and content that is more enjoyable, interesting, and worthy of being experienced.

And even if someone has pondered over this, no one individual can change the way our society is structured.

Thus, we delegate the recovery of physical and mental energies to… Vacation. 😒

This, limited in time for obvious reasons, becomes so intensely anticipated, burdened with so much responsibility for recovery, with numerous expectations of energy, happiness, joy, and all the rest, that it risks a serious disappointment every time, in the harsh and cold confrontation with reality.

It is undeniable that modern society often forces us to live in an endless loop where stress, boredom, and fatigue seem to accumulate day after day.

Yet, we must ask ourselves if this is truly the only possible path.

The hypothetical alien mentioned at the end would be right in finding us a bit ‘off course’ in our pursuit of well-being… 

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Is it possible to be somehow happy? Well, at your Germania... yes.

Rientro dalle vacanze. Come aggiungere allora ai giorni di lavoro, di quotidianità e di problemi i colori che avevi vissuto durante la tua splendida vacanza al Germania di Jesolo?

In our small hotel, Germania in Jesolo, we have gradually built a vacation style that is decidedly different from the classic, traditional ones.

Here, first and foremost, people easily make friends, exchange their experiences, and often confide in each other.

Then, there is a great emphasis on physical well-being: eBike excursions, enjoyable and engaging aerobics on the beautiful beach of Jesolo, and plenty of dances, even joyful and popular little “trains”!

Per ritrovare l'energia, l'ottimismo, la determinazione e la fantasia che avevi scoperto durante la vacanza al Hotel Germania di Jesolo, segui questo consigli utili.

The Hotel Germania? An example to replicate in your life!

But there are also moments of pause, reflection, and contemplation, where by listening to oneself, one looks inward, finding balance and inner well-being, expelling the toxins of work and the repetitive daily routine one is accustomed to.

And then there are the parties, the shows featuring TV and comedy stars: here is where surprise, amazement, and the instinctive joy of laughing, participating, feeling relieved from problems, and distant from difficulties happen.

All of this, despite taking place in our small establishment devoid of Olympic pools, spas, parks, or tennis courts… it works.

And it works wonderfully!

People, the guests, almost always leave feeling satisfied, serene, energized, positive, full of plans and eager to get home to immediately put them into action.

👽 'You humans are missing a few screws!'

Elsewhere, where perhaps vacation is interpreted in more… conventional ways, this doesn’t happen with such intensity and effectiveness.

As a consequence, after eagerly anticipating this beneficial break from our routine, suddenly we return. With less energy and enthusiasm than hoped for.

And so, everything melancholically begins again…

If an alien were to read this summary of how many people live their lives, they would probably think that we humans are missing a few screws, wouldn’t they?

And they would be completely right!

Per ritrovare l'energia, l'ottimismo, la determinazione e la fantasia che avevi scoperto durante la vacanza al Hotel Germania di Jesolo, segui questo consigli utili.

The energy is within you: help it emerge!

One of the keys to improving the quality of our lives could be restructuring our relationship with time and the contents of our daily routine.

We could start considering work not just as a necessity but as an opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment.

Studying could become a journey of discovering new knowledge and passions rather than an obligation. Daily activities could be undertaken with a sense of purpose and gratification instead of mere repetition of automated actions.

Moreover, the concept of vacation could be redefined.

Instead of seeing it as the only annual escape from stressful everyday life, we could view it as a beautiful, natural extension of our lifestyle.

Therefore, we should aim to integrate relaxation, enjoyment, socialization, and physical well-being into our daily routine rather than confining them solely to vacations.

The real enemies of happiness are laziness, boredom, and routine.

The example of Hotel Germania in Jesolo demonstrates that it’s possible to create a different vacation style, emphasizing friendship, physical well-being, reflection, and entertainment.

Even though the establishment doesn’t offer luxury services like pools or tennis courts, its warm and engaging atmosphere seems to be what truly matters.

This shows that grand resorts or exotic destinations aren’t necessary for fulfilling experiences.

Therefore, we should ask ourselves if we can adopt elements of this positive approach we experienced from a vacation at Hotel Germania into our daily lives.

We can seek to make friends with the people around us, look for opportunities for physical and mental well-being, take time for reflection, and allow ourselves moments of joy and surprise.

We can always face daily boredom and stress with a touch of creativity and a smile.

Live your life with all the splendor you have within!

We shouldn’t expect every woe to be solved by the next vacation.

Instead, we should start living our lives to the fullest, day by day.

By adopting more positive and proactive approaches to our well-being, perhaps one day, we won’t need to eagerly await vacations to recharge our energies and enjoy life to the fullest.

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll prove to the aliens that we’re not all that foolish after all! 😉✨😂👌

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