A happier life,
on vacation in Jesolo!

A happier life,
on vacation in Jesolo!

Everyone desires a vacation, isn't that true?

Even though everyone has different expectations for their vacation: Some use it to relax, perhaps even be a bit lazy, why not; others use it to get physically fit, to return to everyday life with renewed energy; still others see it as a time for mental and spiritual cleansing, a period to enrich thoughts and spirit, be it through reading good books or through beautiful artistic excursions, which are by no means rare in Italy.

You know, there are always happier alternatives! 😊

Of course, it prompts reflection that so many people experience daily life as an almost inevitable and prolonged phase of stress build-up, repetition, boredom, dissatisfaction, irritability, and even pain.

The occasional moments of relaxation, encounters, and discoveries aren’t as plentiful, but rather distant islands of fleeting well-being in an ocean of increasing fatigue.

One wonders: ‘Does it have to be this way?’

We, as humans, are convinced that it is something unavoidable just because we have grown up living this way, believing that there aren’t sweeter, calmer, happier alternatives that lead to a more harmonious life.

This often happens.

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The simplest things are often the most effective.

It is undeniable that modern society often traps us in an endless loop where stress, boredom, and fatigue seem to increase day by day.

However, we must ask ourselves whether this is truly the only possible path.

The hypothetical alien at the end would be right in finding us a bit ‘off course’ in our pursuit of well-being…

Nevertheless, we should always strive to find spaces and ways to introduce changes that make our lives more fulfilling and satisfying, be it through small daily adjustments or embracing new perspectives.

Perhaps reorganizing our time and priorities could lead to a more harmonious balance, making well-being an integral part of our daily lives rather than a distant and unattainable goal.

The challenge lies in integrating moments of serenity, discovery, and fulfillment into our everyday lives, thus changing our perception of what it means to fully enjoy life.

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Can one be happy during her vacation? Well, at Hotel Germania ...yes!

Rientro dalle vacanze. Come aggiungere allora ai giorni di lavoro, di quotidianità e di problemi i colori che avevi vissuto durante la tua splendida vacanza al Germania di Jesolo?

In our small hotel, Germania in Jesolo, we have developed over time a vacation style that significantly differs from the classic and traditional ones.

Here, people easily forge friendships, exchange experiences, and often confide in each other.

We highly prioritize physical well-being: eBike excursions, enjoyable and engaging aerobics on the beautiful beach of Jesolo, along with various dances, and even popular and lively train rides!

Per ritrovare l'energia, l'ottimismo, la determinazione e la fantasia che avevi scoperto durante la vacanza al Hotel Germania di Jesolo, segui questo consigli utili.

Hotel Germania? An example you can emulate in your life!

There are, however, moments of calm, reflection, and contemplation where one listens to oneself, looks inward, finds inner balance, boosts well-being, and sheds the toxins of work and the repetitive daily routines one is accustomed to.

And then there are the festivities, the shows featuring TV and cabaret stars: here, surprise, amazement, instinctive laughter, participation, and the feeling of relief from problems and the distance from difficulties take center stage.

All of this happens in our small facility without Olympic swimming pools, spas, parks, or tennis courts… and it works.

And it works great!

People, guests, almost always return satisfied, calm, recharged, positive, and full of plans, eagerly awaiting to get back home and immediately put them into action.

👽"You humans are missing a screw!

At other places where vacations may be interpreted more conventionally, this doesn’t happen with the same intensity and effectiveness.

As a result, after eagerly anticipating this refreshing break from our routine, we suddenly return. With less energy and enthusiasm than expected.

And so it all begins melancholically from the start…

If an extraterrestrial were to read this summary of how many people lead their lives, they’d probably think that humans are missing a screw, wouldn’t they?

And they would be absolutely right!

Per ritrovare l'energia, l'ottimismo, la determinazione e la fantasia che avevi scoperto durante la vacanza al Hotel Germania di Jesolo, segui questo consigli utili.

The energy is inside you - help it emerge into the light!

A key to improving quality of life could be reshaping our relationship with time and the content of our daily routine.

We could start by not just considering work as a necessity but as an opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment.

Studying could become a journey of discovering new knowledge and passions, rather than an obligation.

Approaching daily activities with a sense of purpose and satisfaction instead of merely repeating automated actions.

Moreover, the concept of vacation could be redefined.

We shouldn’t see it solely as the only annual escape from the stressful daily grind but as a beautiful natural extension of our lifestyle.

Therefore, we should try to integrate relaxation, fun, social interaction, and physical well-being into our daily routine, rather than reserving them exclusively for vacation.

The true enemies of happiness are inertia, boredom, and routine.

The example of Hotel Germania in Jesolo demonstrates that it’s possible to create a different style of vacation that emphasizes friendship, physical well-being, reflection, and entertainment.

Although the establishment doesn’t offer luxurious amenities like pools or tennis courts, the warm and inviting atmosphere seems to be what truly matters.

This shows that fulfilling experiences don’t necessarily require large resorts or exotic destinations.

So, we should ask ourselves if we can adopt elements of this positive approach from Germania into our daily lives.

We can try to build friendships with those around us, seek opportunities for physical and mental health, take time for reflection, and indulge in moments of joy and surprise.

We can always tackle boredom and daily stress with a sprinkle of creativity and a smile.

Live your life with all the splendor that lies within you!

We shouldn’t expect everything from our next vacation. We should start living our lives to the fullest each day.

By adopting more positive and proactive approaches to our well-being, perhaps one day, we won’t eagerly wait for vacations to recharge our energy and relish life.

Maybe, in the end, we’ll show the extraterrestrials that we aren’t that foolish after all! 😉✨😂👌

Lo staff dell’Hotel Germania è sempre pronto ad aiutarti.