A journey through biodynamic agriculture

San Michele biodynamic farm: Italian excellence in an authentic experience just a stone's throw from Jesolo

A unique and meaningful opportunity that will allow you to immerse yourself in their ideals and touch the reality that surrounds you.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to visit one of the most prestigious biodynamic Farms in our country. The headquarters of the San Michele company is located just a few kilometres from the Hotel Germania and you can easily reach it by city bike.

After a short bike ride, you will reach the gates of what is not just a farm, but a true micro-world and biodynamic agricultural organism with a high level of product diversification and true internal sustainability.
You will have the pleasure of visiting the many hectares of land devoted to cultivation accompanied by a skilful guide who will introduce you to the world of biodynamic agriculture, explaining the inspiring principles and fundamental ideals on which San Michele’s work is based. But you won’t only visit the fields, because this cooperative also has a very large newly built stable where great attention has been paid to the needs and welfare of the animals.
After this visit to the farm, which will surely captivate you, you will have the opportunity to taste the farm’s products at the farm shop, from seasonal vegetables to apples, pears and dairy products.

You’ll also have the chance to do some real zero-kilometre shopping, and don’t forget that the Hotel Germania’s restaurant gets its supplies right here. We told you that this is an opportunity not to be missed… how often do you get the chance to see at first hand how the products that you will find on your plate a few hours later are grown and produced?
And as if that weren’t enough, passing through the village of Cortellazzo, there will also be the opportunity to visit the small harbour to see the boats return with the day’s catch, watch the fishermen handle their nets and try to learn the secrets of their trade.

Afterwards, still on the bike, we will reach the mouth of the Piave River before returning to the Hotel through the Jesolo Pine Forest.
There will also be the opportunity, on request, to visit the EcorNaturaSì headquarters in San Vendemiano (a municipality in the province of Treviso). Here, on arrival, you will be served a lunch with strictly organic and biodynamic products of the highest quality. Afterwards, there will be an in-depth discussion on nutrition by homeopath Gabriele Navilli and a guided tour of the EcorNaturaSì company.

A unique and meaningful opportunity that will allow you to immerse yourself in their ideals and touch the reality that surrounds it. Finally, transfer and visit to the Waldorf-Novalis School, a flagship in the national panorama of pedagogical institutes.