The Sile Greenway

Taglio del Sile cycle path: a view over the lagoon

Hotel Germania Bike Experience_01

This easy route, which is also suitable for children, starts from the hotel and takes you along Jesolo’s cycle paths, a very special place where you can ride through nature and admire the wonderful Venice lagoon.

After an initial urban stretch towards Jesolo Paese, you will take the road that runs alongside the river until you reach the famous Sile Greenway that connects the city of Treviso to the beaches of Jesolo. 150 kilometres dedicated to slow cycling and to discovering the Veneto region from a naturalistic and historical point of view.

The route takes us to the “Torre del Caligo”, an ancient stone fortress dating from the early Middle Ages and used as a base to control the canals and surrounding countryside. Following the dirt cycle path, we ride deeper into nature until we reach a stretch running alongside the lagoon that we can admire from various panoramic points.

After a short stop and snack to recharge your batteries, you will return to the hotel along the same route. You will have a second opportunity to admire the lagoon landscape and try to make out the profile of Venice from afar.