The reclaimed landscape

Colours and geometries of the reclaimed landscape: from Jesolo to Boccafossa cycling through the Veneto countryside

The itinerary starts from the renowned beach of Jesolo Lido and reaches the large reclaimed areas between Piave and Livenza. The itinerary starts from Hotel Germania, passes through the village of Cortellazzo and then continues along the river banks, crossing the large reclaimed areas between the Piave River and the Livenza River.

Straight lines and wide horizons, vast countryside, ditches and water pumping stations are alternated with natural scenery. Field hedges, ponds, waterways and wooded floodplains, the natural environments that survived the great landscape simplification, caused by land reclamation, create surprising colour tones and soft lines on the flat landscape.

The destination is Boccafossa of Torre di Mosto. Here you will visit the Museo del Paesaggio (Landscape Museum), whose aim is to promote 20th-century Veneto landscape painting. The works on display belong to artists who worked mainly in the Veneto region and have as their main theme the reinterpretation of the surrounding landscape. Since 2013 the Museum has also been the seat of the Osservatorio del Paesaggio della Bonifica del Veneto orientale (Landscape Observatory of the Eastern Veneto Land Reclamation).

The promotion of the territory is expressed through art and we can enjoy it by totally immersing ourselves in the environment on a bicycle. This itinerary aims to involve participants by demonstrating how the simplicity of a territory can transmit its great and important values.

After the lunch break we will resume cycling, following the banks of the Livenza River until we reach Ca’ Cottoni and Ca’ Corniani, ancient settlements created following the subdivision of the Caorle Lagoon into “prese” (a local term meaning twenty large plots of land) by the Serenissima Republic of Venice.

Once you have reached the Idrovora (Water pumping station) at Termine in the municipality of Caorle, on the Livenza Morta Canal and the lands of Torre di Fine, you will return to Jesolo, continuing to cycle in the tranquillity of the countryside.