Islands of emotions

Exciting boat trip in the lagoon from Jesolo to Venice, visit to the islands of Sant'Erasmo and San Francesco del Deserto, between food and wine, nature and spirituality.

What could be better than a boat or bike ride as soon as spring arrives, temperatures rise and the sun begins to shine again?

Hotel Germania offers an experience that perfectly satisfies your desire to come out of winter hibernation by combining several outdoor activities in a single day and, above all, giving you the chance to discover two new islands in the Venice lagoon.
Jesolo boasts the privilege of being located between the sea and the lagoon, giving visitors the opportunity to discover the Venetian territory in all its facets. And while Venice is always worth revisiting, many people have yet to discover its lagoon. We have chosen to take you to two of its 62 islands, which are special for different reasons but have one thing in common: the beauty of simplicity and the spirituality of the area.

The excursion will start from the village of Treporti, which you can reach by your own means of transport or by transfer provided by the Hotel. Here you will find your bicycle waiting for you, already placed on board a comfortable boat. This board will take you gently through the waters of the Lagoon throughout the day and you will be truly immersed in the wonderful lagoon landscape all around you. The first stop will be the Island of Sant’Erasmo, also known as the Vegetable Garden of Venice, thanks to the particular vocation of its land and its few inhabitants to the cultivation of fields and farming traditions.

On the saddle of your bike and with your guide, you will set off to discover this special island which, in its simplicity and purity, we are sure will amaze your senses and leave its mark on your memory. During the tour we will stop at a family-run farm where you will learn directly from the producers about the cultivation methods of the vegetables which, thanks to the clayey soil and very high salinity, grow here and are particularly tasty.

Finally, a tasting of local products. The tour of the island continues with a visit to a small house with a beautiful garden where there are 120 colourful beehives. You will have the opportunity to see this precious corner of the island up close, where tradition and passion for work prevail. At lunchtime, it is time to return to the boat and take advantage of the route towards the second island of this exciting experience to have a packet lunch provided by Hotel Germania.

Once you have reached the island of San Francesco del Deserto, you will have the honour of being welcomed by a Franciscan monk who will guide you throughout your visit, delighting you with his precious stories. The island is home to an ancient monastery that is still in operation and can only be reached by private transport. You will visit the monastery, the small church and the various cloisters while listening to the history that has been handed down from generation to generation among the monks living on the island.

live a unique experience!