Villages and canals to be discovered

Guided tour of Lio piccolo by bike and boat, immersed in the enchanting landscape of the Venetian Lagoon and its rural villages

Starting from Hotel Germania, you will initially follow the various city cycle paths of Jesolo Lido southwards towards Cavallino Treporti.  The route will cross the bridge over the River Sile and then continue along Via Pordelio, a scenic road that runs alongside the lagoon and is the subject of a major redevelopment project that will soon be completed. It is in fact a cycle and pedestrian path built overhanging the water, which will make this cycling trip to the Venice Lagoon even more unique and exciting.

Along the way you will admire on the one hand the vegetable gardens of the coast, on the other hand the wonderful lagoon landscape with its canals, sandbars and fishing valleys and in the distance the unique profile of Venice with its many bell towers.

Once you arrive at the village of Treporti, the journey continues towards the heart of the North Lagoon of Venice, along a series of narrow streets completely surrounded by water. On the way to the ancient village of Lio Piccolo, the islands of Burano and Torcello can be seen from afar. Once you arrive in this small village where time seems to have stopped, you will have the possibility to relax and take some nice pictures immersed in a quiet, almost surreal atmosphere. There are just a few houses around a courtyard where the protagonists are the small church of Santa Maria della Neve with its bell tower and Palazzo Boldù.

Here the activities of the few inhabitants are based on farming and fish breeding, and in particular they grow the Venetian violet artichoke, which also boasts the Slow Food Presidium. After passing Lio Piccolo, we head towards the final surprise of this exciting outing. At the ancient building of “Ca’ Rabiato” we will board a boat, with our bicycles, which will take us back to the coast to return to the hotel.

The route along the Canale dei Bari is incredibly beautiful and interesting for its natural environment. It is in fact one of the protected areas of the lagoon where you can see the typical sandbanks where several species of birds find their habitat.

After the boat trip, you will resume cycling to complete one of the most beautiful itineraries in our area, a route full of emotions where the enchantment of the lagoon landscape seen both from the mainland and from the boat will remain impressed in your mind for a long time.