A fun adventure in the middle of nature


The itinerary will start from the hotel where you and your guide will set off on this exciting cycling experience up and down the dunes of the Pinewood. Very close to Hotel Germania, in the direction of Cortellazzo, you will find Jesolo’s Pinewood, a woodland with different varieties of trees and a crucial habitat for the marine environment, to be preserved and protected.

Cycling here means relaxing under the shade of the pine trees, enjoying the calmness that characterises this area and being totally immersed in the green. But this is just a small taste of the wonderful experiences that await you along the way.

Once back on the road, passing through the village of Cortellazzo and crossing the Piave River on a charming pontoon bridge near the river mouth, you will continue on to Torre di Fine and then follow the dike of the Revedoli Canal in the Valle Ossi area to reach the Mort Lagoon.

The marine lagoon formed in 1935 following a river flood which settled the new river mouth at Cortellazzo, breaking through the dune system near the mouth and leaving a stretch of the old river bed.  On the dead branch of the river, hence the nickname “Mort” given by the inhabitants of the area, the lagoon formed, preserving an important coastal environment. It is characterized by fossil dunes covered by mixed woodland and pine trees and by a beautiful natural and unspoiled beach, where rocks extend for more than 2 km. Here there are no tourists or other facilities.

A real beach where nature is still the protagonist. The Mort Lagoon is a very important place for the protection of biodiversity with a very special flora and fauna. In addition to the environmental value, you will also enjoy the beauty of the cycle path up and down the sand dunes of the pinewood,    with unexpected views and new paths. A real adventure awaits you on this fun-filled itinerary, which also includes a short break with wine tasting, so you can recharge your batteries and be ready to return to the hotel.

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